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-At a museum, Jake sees Veronique, a girl in Paris on a video screen.  Veronique spots a woman she believes is her mother but her mother supposedly died in childbirth 21 years ago.

-Martin runs after the mother and finds her other daughter, Veronique's twin and convinces her of the connection.

-The girls father is a cab driver.  Years ago they sold one of their daughters on the black market because they were too poor to take care of her.  Today, the father has the sleazy doctor who brokered the sale in his cab and he's still selling children.

-Martin tracks down the doctor and has him arrested.

-On the international space station, the communication between the station and an astronaut in a space suit is severed.  Somehow, the taxi dispatcher is able to contact him with his Hamm radio and tell him to go back inside.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

When two points are destined to touch, an indirect connection is impossible.


The universe will always find another way.