Over The Bar - Tracker Season 1 Episode 8
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A man in the woods with a busted-up face is shown, and another man implores him to come on.

Colter arrives at the Fin & Shell in Camden, Maine, and meets with Daniella, whose fiancé Sully has one missing two weeks before their wedding. She explains that Sully used to get into trouble in his youth but is a changed man. She also says the week before, Sully had been getting phone calls from an old co-worker, Ryan, and the two argued.

Daniella gets a call from Sheriff Miller, who informs her they found Sully's missing car.

Colter goes with the family to investigate the vehicle, which was found overturned in the woods. A necklace is found inside that car that isn't Daniella's, and Colter determines no one was in the vehicle when it plunged down the cliff.

Sheriff Miller tells Colter that crime has increased in the town since COVID.

Colter has Bobby looked into Sully's phone, which last pinged by the docks the night he disappeared. He also tracks Ryan's phone, which is pinging from the waterfront.

Colter confronts Ryan on the docks, who tells them he just wanted Sully to help him, and they had no issues.

Bobby tells Colter that he found the girl Sully may have been with him in his car, a woman named Simone. He also tells him they had dinner the night he went missing at a local restaurant.

Colter goes to Simone's house, and the door is ajar. He then finds her dead.

Colter and Sheriff Miller look around the crime scene and discover a drawing of the pendant found in the truck.

Colter goes to the restaurant Sully and Simone were at, and the bartender, Chelsea, says they were in there that night alone and seemed fine.

Outside the restaurant, Colter talks to the busboy, who says that two men, one named Clem, were harassing Sully and Simone. Chelsea eventually runs Colter off and then calls someone to tell them someone is asking about Sully.

Colter and Sheriff Miller search Clem's house, and they find evidence someone was tied up and trying to get free.

Teddi tells Colter that Sully and Clem used to be a stickup crew together, and Clem got a hard time after a job, and Sully did not.

Colter follows Chelsea from the restaurant to the docks, where he sees Ryan come out and hand a gun to Sully. They, along with another man, then get into a van, and Clem joins them before they drive off.

Colter shows a picture of Sully with the guys to Daniella, and she insists that he must be forced into what he's doing. She tells him that Sully was working security at a warehouse, and Colter realizes they need Sully's access to get into that warehouse.

Colter travels to the warehouse and subdues Ryan, who was waiting in the van before getting inside. He finds Sully being held at gunpoint and subdues the man with the gun.

Sully tells Colter they were getting fentanyl that was being packaged in the lobster bins, and they were setting him up. He was told that if he didn't help them, they'd kill Daniella.

As Colter tries to get Sully to leave, Sully locks Colter up and takes a gun so he can kill Clem.

Colter gets free and finds Sully with Clem, eventually talking Sully down from killing him. And when Clem tries to flee, Sheriff Miller and his force are waiting for him outside.

Colter celebrates Sully and Daniella at the Fin & Shell, and Colter gives Sully back the necklace that was found in his truck. Simone made it, and Sully gives it to his fiancée.

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Tracker Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Colter: What now?
Daniella: Now I find your fiance.

Colter: I hate to bring this up. His car is also missing. Any chance he just got cold feet?
Daniella: No. He wouldn't do that to me. Not after everything we've been through.