Startled Colter - Tracker Season 1 Episode 2
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Mary Dove finds a note at the cabin saying someone is watching her. Armed with a gun, she investigates Ashton's office and finds it ransacked. She then calls Colter over, and they search the office but find nothing useful.

The next day, Colter heads to Missoula when parents call looking for their son, Jackson. They tell him Jackson met an older woman and soon quit his job, drained his bank accounts, and disappeared.

Jackson also told his parents he was doing work for Rebecca that could get him in trouble.

Bobby looks into Rebecca and discovers she's using a fake name and has a mugshot, as she was arrested for fraud and other crimes, though she was never charged. She's also the beneficiary of a policy Jackson took out.

Colter travels to an address on file for Rebecca, and he busts into the garage when he hears raised voices inside. There, he finds screens detailing various places where cameras are set up.

Outside the house, he's confronted by Rebecca's private security, and after a brief fight, they let Colter go but get a copy of his identification.

Colter stealthily follows them to a nearby hotel, where Colter finds a seminar taking place for Positive Light, with Rebecca on the stage. After she talks to her security, Rebecca mentions Colter's name to another co-worker, Seth, who calls Colter out by name during his speech.

Once Rebecca leaves, Colter tries to follow, but she's gone before he gets outside.

Colter tells Jackson's family that he's voluntarily a part of the Positive Light cult, and they ask him to try and get him out.

Colter goes to the Positive Light compound, and Rebecca tells him he can only talk to Jackson after meeting with Seth.

While taped, Seth asks Colter questions about his family and father. Seth tells Colter he'll let him see Jackson if he tells him one truth about his father, which Colter does.

Rebecca then burns Seth, as they get a burn for holding someone's secret.

Bobby tells Colter there is no information about Positive Light online, but he found evidence of various lawsuits. He discovers their former accountant had multiple lawsuits with the company and then died in a hit-and-run. His wife was suspicious at first but then went silent.

Colter meets with Jackson in the garden, and he tells Colter he's not going home. He says Seth makes him feel important and that he and Rebecca want what's best for him.

Colter leaves but gets a text from Jackson to meet that evening. But when he arrives, he discovers Rebecca sent the text, and they sent Jackson away. She warns Colter that they protect their own at Positive Light.

Teddi and Velma meet with David's widow, and they tell Colter that David discovered Rebecca and Seth were draining the client's bank accounts, and he was killed soon after. She also told them Seth has pictures of David's death in a desk at their instructional facility.

After being followed, Colter gets the upper hand on the security guard and holds him at gunpoint, making him drive to the instructional facility.

Colter breaks into the facility and finds the picture of David's death, along with files on Rebecca and himself, which he takes. Hearing noise above, Colter heads to an upstairs apartment and finds Jackson.

Colter shows Jackson the pictures of David's death, as well as Rebecca's video, which shows Jackson that she lied to him.

Rebecca, Seth, and her security guard show up with guns, but Colter and Jackson get the upper hand.

Seth and Rebecca are arrested, and Colter takes Jackson home to his family.

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Tracker Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Mark: Can you get him out?
Colter: Aside from forcibly removing him, if Jackson doesn't want to leave, there's really nothing I can do.
Mark: All we're asking is that you try. You don't strike me as a man to give up so easily.
Colter: No, sir, I'm not.

Colter: Bobby.
Bobby: Rebecca Smith. Smith? Are you kidding me? There's like a million results.
Colter: Oh, good, you got my text.