Hiding Out - Tracker Season 1 Episode 3
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Before he heads out on a job, Colter stops at a diner in Idaho and sees some men become agitated with a woman putting missing flyers on cars in the parking lot. Colter steps in to protect the woman from harassment and gets into a fight with one of the men, resulting in him getting stabbed.

Colter gets himself patched up by a local doctor and asks her questions about Mia. She tells him Mia was there, and then she moved along and he needs to be careful digging into things.

The woman Colter aided, Kira, waits for him outside the doctor’s office. The local sheriff soon approaches them and tells him Mia left town and Colter should move on.

Colter invites Kira to his airstream for coffee, and she tells him Mia was a drifter and Springland was the last place she visited before breaking off contact. She thinks the guy who approached her at the diner, Tom, knows something, as he works for the Winslows, who are trying to turn the town into a lakeside resort.

Colter goes to the last spot Mia was staying in the woods and finds cameras in the woods. He scans the QR code and sends it to Bobby. He calls Bobby and asks him to look for Mia’s van.

Tom confronts Colter in the woods at gunpoint and says Mia was trouble. He also says his job was driving people off the Winslow property, but Mia rarely slept in her van.

Colter calls Velma and Teddi and asks them to look into Mia. And they send him a photo of Mia with a man nicknamed Gecko.

Colter goes to a rock climbing area to talk to Gecko, but he’s at the top of the rocks. He then finds the doctor he saw, Beth, and shows her the picture of Mia and Gecko. She tells him it’s Matt Winslow. She reiterates that no one wants to go after the Winslows in that town.

Colter goes to the Winslow house and stops Matt from leaving. Matt tells Colter that he and Mia were in a relationship, and she left him a note before leaving. He shows Colter the note, and soon after, Matt’s parents come home and tell Colter that Kira is trying to cause trouble.

Velma and Teddi tell Colter that the Winslows have been involved in many lawsuits.

Colter shows Kira the note Mia left Matt, and she tells him that it’s not Mia’s handwriting. Bobby calls and gives Colter the location of Mia’s van, which is on another Winslow property, and Kira insists she goes with him to investigate.

Colter and Kira find the van, but no one is inside. They then get shot at, and Kira is injured before they get away.

Later, Colter brings the sheriff to the van, but it’s gone.

Colter calls Bobby and tells him to find who moved the van via the cameras.

Reenie shows up at Colter’s trailer and shows him dozens of lawsuits the Winslows filed against others. She shows him one lawsuit filed against the family by a man who later died. The lawyer of that man was going to get Mia to testify on his behalf.

Reenie and Colter talk to Matt at a local bar and tell him about Mia’s van being found and Mia preparing to testify against his parents. Matt tells them he told Mia what his family was up to, including having their driver, Tony, burn down the home of the man suing them.

Colter then shows Matt the video of Tony moving Mia’s van.

Colter, Reenie, and Matt go to the Winslow’s, and Mr. Winslow reiterates that he didn’t hurt Mia. But it’s soon revealed that Mrs. Winslow had Tony kill Mia.

On her way out of town, Reenie tells Colter that Russell called her. He says he hasn’t spoken to his brother in 20 years, and she needs to block the number.

Mia’s body is recovered, and Kira pays Colter for his services before they bid each other goodbye.

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Tracker Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Tom: You ain't too smart, are you? Should have left town already.
Colter: I'd be gone if you hadn't stabbed me.

Colter: What do you think happened to her?
Kira: Maybe she went somewhere she shouldn't have. Shot her mouth off to the wrong guy. I don't know.