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It is revealed that Josh and Syd ocassioanlly hang out and have been having a relationship. 

Maura is spending more time with Davina and learning how to be a woman. We also see Mort in more flashbacks when he would sneak away from his family. We see how Maura got her name. 

Ali is recovering from her night of taking Ecstasy as Sara and Ali talk about their father. 

Tammy comes over to tell Sarah that she still has not told Barb that she is leaving her. 

Josh confronts Rita about the relationship that they had when he was younger. The two end up getting in an argument but make up in the end. 

Sarah, Ali and Maura go out to brunch and end up getting a makeover. They then run into some hostility in the bathroom when Maura walks in. 

Ali feels she needs a change and gets a new haircut. 

Sarah goes over to Tammy's house and the two get in a fight over Tammy telling the Barb the truth about them. 

Maura is feeling uncomfortable with his new apartment due to his noisy neighbors. 

Ali and Josh talk about Josh's ex-girlfriend and how he is dealing with the end of her pregnancy. 


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Transparent Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I love you. And I am feeling so ready and open and honest right now. But I am afraid that I am making this shit up in my head and that you are not coming with me and that you are just gonna delay delay and delay.


I started calling her Moppa. Like momma and poppa.