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Josh meets a real estate agent in a club and she agrees to help Josh sell Maura's house.

Tammy and Sarah are moving forward with their relationship when Tammy gets a call about her step-daughter, Bianca. 

Ali goes over to her mother's house to discover that her husband, Ed, is missing.

Tammy and Sarah are living in Mauras old house. Bianca comes to stay with them.

Ali goes on a mission to look for Ed and is frustrated when no one is concerned about looking for him. 

Josh brings the real estate agent over to look at the house and meets resistance from Tammy and Sarah. 

Maura discovers that there is a talent show for transgenders and decides to participate.

Sarah and Josh go to help Ali search for Ed. The Rabbi Raquel comes over to read to Ed. Shelley tries to entertain the Rabbi while Ed is missing.

Ali tells Sarah about Josh's aborted child. Ali also tells Josh about Maura's secret. 

Maura has lunch with her two friends where she runs into an old family friend. 

Ali, Josh and Sarah return and meet Raquel. Josh tells Shelley that their father is a transgender and is upset when she says she already knows. 

At the end of the episode Ed walks into the house on his own. 

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Yeah, we probably should because the temple is sending over a Rabbi later to check on me and if they find out he is missing I'll be the talk of the temple. The lady who misplaced her husband.


I got your APB. Individual in question was just spotted down the street hanging at the 7-11, making what the kids call a suicide.