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As Mort prepares to move out of his old house he tries to come out to Josh. 

Sarah admits that she is falling in love with Tammy.

Josh is trying to get in contact with Kaya and wonders if she is avoiding him. 

Josh comes over to his father's house to help him move some of his stuff after Sarah finds his letters to Rita. 

Syd gives Ali ecstasy that she plans to take with her trainer. 

When Josh comes over Mort is to afraid to come out to him. 

We see flashbacks of Mort buying cross dressing magazines. While browsing he meets a friend Mark. 

Josh gets in a fight with his boss at work after he finds out that Kaya fired him. Josh gets fired from his job.

Sarah tells Len the truth about her feelings for Tammy and the two break up. 

Josh goes over to Kaya's house and he finds out that she had an abortion. The two end up breaking up.

Ali gets high with her trainer and his roommate. She ends up having a an interesting experience. 

Sarah is struggling with breaking up with Len. 

Josh contemplates old pictures and love notes between him and Rita. 

At the end of the episode Mort comes out to Ali. 



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Transparent Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Sarah: You know that thing you do when you are falling in love.
Mort: Not really.

It's inspiring. I am so glad you get to be who you are. That's who we should all be.