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All of this episode occurs in a flashback to 1994 when Mort leaves leaves for a conference after Ali's Bat Mitzvah is canceled. It is revealed that him and Mark go to a cross-dressing retreat in the woods. 

Shelley goes over to her sister's house to ease her frustration. She reveals to Rita that Mort has some interesting habits in bed and that Ed continues to inviter her over. 

Mark and Marcy enjoy their first night at Camp Camelia by attending a dance. 

Back at the house we see all three of the Pferffman children when they were younger. 

Josh is spending time with Rita. Sarah is going to a protest against abusive labor practices. Ali is left alone at home. 

Maura and Marcy call home to check in on their families. Maura finds that she cannot call home and pretend to be Mort. 

Ali gets a ride to the beach from a caterer who was not informed that the Bat Mitzvah was canceled. 

Maura overhears a conversation of several of the cross-dressers discussing someone who came out as trans. 

Maura and Marcy hang out with Connie, the wife of a fellow camp goer, who is open to the idea of her husband cross-dressing. Connie and Maura end up getting drunk and dance. 

Sarah is scene meeting a lesbian on her bus. Josh and Rita are shown holding hands in Rita's car. 

Ali meets an older man on the beach flying a toy plane. The two end up hanging out all night. 

Mort insists on being Maura on the drive home with Mark. Mark is uncomfortable with this, but Maura insists that she just wants to be happy for two more hours. 

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

We are cross-dressers, but we are still men.


It makes me happy. I want to be happy for two more hours.