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Josh goes over to visit father and faces him as a woman for the first time. During this time he suggest the idea of selling the house in order to fund his new record label. 

Josh suggest to his siblings that his father may have dimentsia because of his father's need to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, Ali tells her siblings that she wants to go back to school to study gender studies. 

We see a flashback to Shelley and Mort when they are married. Mort suggest to Shelley that they experiment more in bed. 

Ali tells her father that she has finally figured out what she wants to do and that she is excited about pursuing gender studies. 

Sarah and Tammy try to explain to Sarah's children Maura's transformation.

Ali and Syd attend a gender's studies class together. Ali meets her transgender TA and expresses her interest in him. 

Maura and Davina come over visit Sarah and Tammy. They set down to have dinner, but when Len walks in a fight starts. 

Josh is seeking answers to how to understand his father's transition. One way he seeks answers is by visiting the Rabbi Raquel.  

Sarah and Maura have a talk by the pool and he tells her he wants her to live in the house. 

This is a good episode to talk about Ali.

Also point out that Maura told all of his children to not tell the others. 

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

And happy sexy Sunday to you and one single malt coming right up.


It just means we all have to start over.