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The Pferffman family is preparing to attend Ed's funeral. 

Maura debuts herself at Ed's funeral, while Syd apologizes to Ali. 

Syd reveals a secret about Josh to Ali. Ali explains to Syd that she is just upset that they lied to her. 

After the funeral a Shiva is held at the Palisades house. 

Ali talks to Raquel about Josh and warns her about who she may be getting involved with. 

Sarah and Len have an important conversation in the washroom. 

Josh and Raquel have a falling out over what Ali says to Raquel. A information bomb is then dropped on Josh about his and Rita's relationship. 

Ali confronts her parents about why she did not have a Bat Mitzvah. Shelley reveals to Ali that it was the weekend that Mort went to Camp Camelia. 

Ali gets in a fight with Maura in the middle of the Shiva and storms out after. 

At the end of the episode the Pferffman's and a shocking guest are all sitting down having dinner. 


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Transparent Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Josh wants to see it in your eyes that you love him. You never met anyone like him before. What's crazy is that he told me about that, but then it was still happening.


Did you order the coleslaw?