Bash and Novak Talk - Transplant
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June and Bash remotely help his friend Saleh with emergency surgery.  Saleh encourages Bash to resume his relationship with Raniya.

Dr. Bishop is antsy 4 days after his stroke. He's concerned about Dr. Novak.

A chemo patient, Deena Kaplan, who Mags treats regulaily plus the patient's husband come in. They requested her but were told she is not their doctor. She says she is their doctor. She tries to switched with Bash, but Novak gives her a hard time before letting her prove herself. Novak eventually sends her home, telling her to trust her co-workers to do their jobs. She surprisingly listens. Bash tells her about Raniya, who gave him a plant, Jasmine, to remind him of home.

Bash treats a lawyer, Navin Kutty who claims he can hear his heart like a strethoscope in his ear. He's anxious to get back to work, but Bash says they need to stay and examine him. They order some tests, but he goes into vfiv even though his ekg was normal. Their efforts apprently fail and he appears dead on the table, but after Bash calls time of death, his heartrate begins to climb. He's alive. Lazarus Syndrome, or autoresuscitation. He blames Bash for his death and requests Bash's superior as his doctor, but Novak refuses. Bash questions Novak's methods, including invasive tests he tells Bash to order for the patient. They find a diagnosis for the patient, but in the end, the patient still dies.

Theo treats 16-year-old Carly Miller who was coughing up blood for some unknown reason. Her older sister Hannah is with her. It appears Carly may have had tonsil surgery recently. She is put on a breathing tube and Hannah is put in the position of making the decision regarding how the doctors proceed, because they can't reach her parents. Theo talks Hannah through making the best decision for her sister, and sees how sisters cope without their parents around.

June confronts Dr. Atwater about being passed over for the acting cheif position. She later does good work in Novak's view and he rewards her with OR time. Dr. Atwater gives June advice about being passed over due to sex or age.

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Transplant Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Mags: The lady in five's on your list, but do you mind if I take her? I have a broken ankle if you wanted to swap?
Bash: Good morning to you too, Mags.
Novak: This is not a buffet, Leblanc, you have to get a signoff to trade patients.
Mags: But, this is a woman I treat regularly for chemo side effects.
Novak: And do the two of you have some kind of exclusivity contract that I don't know about?

Saleh: You'll stream the wedding.? We'll all want to be there.
Bash: Slow down, Saleh, we haven't even talked about that yet.
Saleh: What? Why not?
Bash: It's been five years. So much has happened for both of us.
Saleh: She was dead; now she isn't. If there was ever a sign ...
Bash: You read signs now?
Saleh: Brother, when they're as clear as this. Trust me when I tell you this, Bashir. You were lucky to get a first chance with Rania, brother. Don't waste your second.