Petra's Pain - Treadstone
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Tara sets off to Paris to find Kwon's daughter. Things take an explosive turn when she learns that Kwon is dead. 

Tara looks up social media to find the girl in Versailles, so she finds her. The teenager wants nothing to do with Tara, but Tara shows her the locket. 

When they go on the run, they are attacked and the girl's friend is shot dead. A deadly care chase ensues and things get bad. 

Mr. Edwards tries to find out more about Treadstone and sets out on a dangerous fact-finding mission. 

He finds someone who could confirm the people are being reawakened. This is confirmed and the pair join forces to find the man from the video. 

Soyun questions her son about the Game Boy and he says that someone gave it to him and said he would be taken away from the family if he told the truth. 

Soyun's husband gets a promotion for lying about Kwon and he says that Soyun can no longer talk about moving away to the South. 

Soyun realizes the man is the same man who lied to her son, and she worries about the future. 

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Treadstone Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Mick: You don't know how much I missed you, John.
[John smacks locker.]
John: I can't remember my combination.
Mick: Try 09,09, 69. Fortunate Son released date. You wore that record out.
Randolph: Thanks Mick.

Mick: Never got a chance to thank you.
Randolph: Don't bother. You would have done the same for me.
Mick: Don't play it down, John. The fact is you really did, you let them take you and that gave me enough time to escape.
Randolph: Well, it worked out in the end.
Mick: I always said if we could make it through the jungles of Vietnam, we could handle anything together.
Randolph: Well, it's a different kind of jungle now.
Man: Yeah, you see Matheson out there?
Mick: He just got back. Let him get his bearings.
Man: Hey, man it's easy for you to say. My partner is still out there.
Randolph: I don't know where he is.
Mick: Hey, come on, give him some space, Wilson.