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At Sookie's old house, Maryann has turned Lafayette who drags Sookie to Maryann.  Sookie is going to be the maid of honor in Maryann's wedding to the God that Comes.  She reveals that she plans on making Sam the vessel.   Jason and Andy also enter guns a blazing only to have their weapons stolen and be turned.  Eric brings Sam to the sacrifice and Sam gets tied up and stabbed and presumably killed by Eggs.  

Sookie, who was forced to lick the weird Ostrich egg that's part of the sacrifice, grabs the egg and smashes it.  She then takes down the meat tree and runs.  Sookie takes off running and Maryann chases after her, drawing out her claws.  Maryann is about to kill Sookie when she sees her god, in the form of a bull, appear.  She approaches her husband who stabs her with his horn.  She believes her god has chosen her as her vessel and willingly dies.  It turns out the bull was Sam and he returns to his human form.  Bill appears, weakened.  It turns out Bill had a deal with Sam to let him drink his blood to recover after Maryann killed him.  Yay.  The witch is dead.

Meanwhile, Eric heads to Sophie Anne's and admist a riveting game of Yahtzee tells his Queen that he wants to stop Maryann.  She tells him no and he reveals that's it's her that's providing him with the V juice to sell.

After becoming the ultimate hero, Sam visits his adopted parents to get the name and address of his real parents.  His mom refuses, but his dying father gives it to him.

After his mom turns normal and still reveals that his father committed suicide, Hoyt decides to go visit Jessica.  She, however, unforuntately took off like a whore to visit a trucker.  Hoyt arrives to an empty Vampire Bill's home and leaves the flowers.

Sheriff Dearborne recovers wearing no pants and that sure puts things in perspective for him.  He gives Andy back his badge.  Andy and Jason, unable to remember what happened, assume their the town's heroes.  After Sookie helps Eggs remember what Maryann made him do, he comes up to Andy outside Merlotte's and with the murder knife in hand and demands he arrest him.  Andy seems reluctant and Eggs tackles him with the knife in hand.  Jason comes outside and it looks like Eggs is attempt to kill him so Jason shoots Eggs in the back of the head.  Andy gets up and cleans off the weapon and tells Jason to run.  He declares he got a confession out of the town killer and a murder weapon.

Admist all this chaos, Bill decides to take Sookie out for a nice dinner date.  After some dancing and the meal, Bill proposes to Sookie, who initially can't say yes and runs off to the bathroom crying.  While in the bathroom, someone comes and attacks Bill with a silver chain they use to strangle him.  Sookie decides she will and comes running out to say yes to see her new fiancee missing and the room trashed.

Cut to credits.

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True Blood Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I heard about your maker. That blows

Sophie-Anne [to Eric]

(To Eric) You may be the strongest, oldest vampire in my queendom, but if I wanted, I could own your fangs as earrings