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Sookie runs outside the restaurant trying to find Bill, but he was taken. The police officer will believe her that Bill was taken.

Meanwhile, the men who took Bill are eating his blood.  Bill is able to barely escape by turning over the car - killing everyone inside.

Tara is broken up about Eggs being murdered, meanwhile Jason is freaking out about killing him.

When Tara gets back to Sookie’s place, Sookie tells her that she let Eggs see what he was up to. This infuriates Tara. She lunges on Sookie. Lafayette breaks it up and makes Tara leave.

The next day, Tara’s mom comes with the Reverend to spread the word of the Lord to help heal Tara. Tara tells them that she is going to take a shower. She locks herself up in the bathroom and swallows a bunch of pills.

Inside Merlottes, Arleen gets questioned by the sheriff about Andy killing Eggs. There are a lot of holes in the story so Andy goes to Jason’s house and tells him that they need to stick to the plan. He tells Jason to go on with pretending to be the man whore that everyone knows he is - to not bring in any suspicions. Jason reluctantly agrees.

Jessica gets home and finds the roses Hoyt left her as she is carrying in the  almost dead body of the trucker she just drained.  She tries to save him, but it’s too late - he’s a goner. 

Sam is sitting in a hotel room alone when he hears a knock on the door.  It’s Bill and things are about to get hot and heavy when he wakes up and realizes it is a dream. He is in search to find his family and winds up talking to a mechanic about his family - who does not tell him anything.

Sookie is helpless and goes to see Eric who is in the middle of a hot romp with the new help. He tells her that he didn’t have anything to do with Bill’s disappearance.   Which happens to be the truth. Eric later gets a call from one of his guys that informs him Bill was taken before he got there.  Eric is furious and doesn’t want the queen to find out.

The queen goes to see Eric with the magister to discuss the high amount of sales in V in the area.  The magister tells them that whoever is pushing V has to be getting help through a vampire. This vampire will be made an example of. When he leaves the Queen tells Eric to sell all the V and get money to her as fast as he can.

The next night, Sookie enlists the help of Jessica and they find Bill’s car overturned with the dead bodies. Jessica figures out that the weird scar on one of dead guy’s neck is a symbol for werewolves.

Bill finds an old woman’s house where he drinks her blood. He finds out that he is in Mississippi.  At this point, he is being chased by a bunch of werewolves where they corner him and are about to fight.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

(to Bill) How bout you just call us the f**k you crew.