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Tonight’s episode opened with Sookie and Bill being taken into Russell’s mansion. Once there Bill broke loose and staked one of the guards but was stopped by Eric as he tried to get to Sookie. Russell told the guards to take Bill to the slave quarters and Erik to take Sookie into the study. Russell further told Lorena that she must kill Bill.

Meanwhile back at Merlotte’s Lafayette and Jesus got closer to each other. Jessica charmed the last customer into leaving Arlene a large tip and meeting her in the bathroom where she took a nibble on her before sending her on her way with no memory of what happened.

Jason and Crystal continued their romantic meeting into the woods. As things started to progress Crystal smelled something in the air and took off into the woods saying they could never be together. Russell questioned Sookie about what she was. Saying she clearly was not just human. Franklin and Tara celebrated her last night as a human by staying in, having sex, and Tara drinking some of Franklin’s blood to feel what it was like to be high on him.

Russell and Eric went to visit the Queen of Louisiana, while on the way there Russell and Eric discussed history and how Russell has been using werewolves to do his bidding for a very long time. As Lafayette and Jesus returned to Lafayette’s place three rednecks from Hotshot showed up and smashed his windows in his car. Lafayette and Jesus beat them off but in the process Jesus found out that Lafayette deals drugs and V and asked him to return him to his car.

At the Queen’s house Russell purposed to her again offering to settle her debts and clear her with the IRS. When she refused Eric came in pinned her down and explained that he had always been stronger than her and since she had betrayed him to the Magister he renounced his loyalty and threaten to tear off her head if she said no again to Russell. She reluctantly agreed.

When we returned to Lorena to Bill we found Lorena covered in her blood and Bills as she was crying over having to kill him. Bill told her she should go to ground and she refused saying she wanted to be there when the life left his body. He was slowly dying of blood loss. Coot and Debbie came in and Lorena let them drink from Bill directly.

Once it was daylight Tara smashed in Franklin’s head with a mace and took her cloths and ran. Tara managed to get Sookie out of her room.  As Sookie took off towards the slave quarters to save Bill, Tara went to see if she could find a car and found Alcide, who said he was there to help them. When Sookie got there she found Bill but also found Lorena who attacked her. Jason went to Hotshot and found that Crystal had a fiancée.

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Just because my fangs popped out doesn't mean I am going to use them on you.


Please don't take this wrong way Sookie, but shut up.