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There was a lot of action on this week's episode of True Blood. Let's recap the key developments...

- Sookie read the mine of Alcide's "packmaster," who didn't wanna do anything about Russell and the vampires because he's scared of them. At the end of the episode, Bill broke free and went to warn her to leave town - only for Coot and Russell to follow him and confront the pair at Alcide's apartment. When Coot when to bring Sookie in, she used to her magic light power to ward him off, something Russell seemed to love.

- Jason met his mystery blonde again. Her name is Crystal and, well, she's mysterious. They had a couple strange, flirtatious exchanges.

- Hoyt went on a date with another woman, in front of Jessica.

- Jesus showed up at Merlotte's and made his feelings for Lafayette very clear.

- Tommy asked to stay over as Sam's presumably to bond, but then Joe Lee barged in, wasted and caused a scene. We have a feeling Tommy is working with his dad to get something out of Sam.

- Franklin made his feelings for Tara very well-known, tying her up, saying he loves her. She tried to play along in order to remain safe, but was then taken aback when he actually proposed.

- Eric arrived at the King's house to try and find Bill. He did, of course, and had to admit that he's been the one selling V for the Queen. Russell seemed to have a plan for dealing with the Magister and that situation. Later on, Talbot took Eric on a tour of the house and they came across a Viking helmet. This led to an Eric flashback, as we met his parents - and learned that werewolves killed them. Eric's father's dying words to his son? "Vengeance."

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Talbot: You're not supposed to bring work home.
Russell [pointing at himself]: Frankin - King!

Talbot: You and your dusty love beast are at odds with my decor.
Franklin: No one cares what you think about anything. Shut up!

True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 Music

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Song Sober Interlude Paul Mirkovich
Song I Got More Bills Than I Can Pay Sonny Ellis
Baby lets play house Baby, Let's Play House Arthur Gunter iTunes