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On the season four finale...

- Possessed by Marnie, Lafayette killed Jesus. But the situation was later resolved when Holly led some kind of chant, Antonia came out of her grave and she helped convince Marnie to stop being such a terrible person. They then disappeared into the graveyard.

- Russell Edgington was brought back to life by this chant. We didn't see him, but we did see his chains and cement that had been holding him underground broken.

- An old army friend of Terry's showed up, only for Rene to also later to show up as a ghost to Arlene and warn her of Terry's past.

- Sookie broke up with both Eric and Bill, going all Kelly Taylor and choosing herself over her two loves.

- These two then banded together and killed Nan Flanagan after she said the AVL and the Authority wanted them dead. Looks like Bill and Eric will be teaming up on season five.

- Jason told Hoyt about Jessica and got beat up. He then had more sex with Jessica, though she said she wasn't ready for a real, full-on relationship.

- Steve Newlin knocked up Jason's door... as a vampire.

- Debbie broke in to Sookie's house and aimed a shotgun at her. But Tara jumped in front and was killed by the bullet. Sookie responded by killing Debbie.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Ain't nothing more important to you than your dick. Not even your best friend.

Hoyt [to Jason]

If heaven does exist, I'm pretty sure Adele Stackhouse would be elected president there.