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A whole lot went down on True Blood this week. To wit:

- Jessica fed on a Fangtastic club goer and was caught in the act by Sookie.

- Through a flashback to 1982, we learned how Nan Flanagan recruited Bill to the cause. She wanted him to infiltrate some shady kingdoms and gain control. Hence, his entire reason for coming to Bon Temps. We also saw how the fight between him and Sophie-Anne ended on the season three finale: Flanagan's men came in and shot her, with Nan giving Bill the throne.

- Bill sent Eric to investigate the witches because Marnie's power to control the dead is a problem for vampires. They ARE dead and all. Upon his arrival, after nearly killing Tara (who stopped back in to say hello to Sookie), Marnie placed a curse on Eric. It made him forget who he is.

- Tied up in Hotshot, Jason was attached by Crystal and her were-panther man. They want to turn him into one of their own so he can help repopulate their kind.

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I can eat who I want.


Technology takes all the fun out of being a vampire.