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Terry and Patrick hunt for a former colleague this week, while Pam we learn that they are affected by a night in Afghanistan that involved drinking, drugs and the shooting of many civilians.


- Roman outs the Authority's traitor as the nine-year old Chancellor. He kills him.

- Pam tries to teach Tara how to be a vampire and how to suck human blood.

- Bill spots Sookie making out with Alcide, after the werewolf told her he covered for her with Debbie's parents.

- Jason meets back up with Hadley inside some weird fairy club he attends with Andy. The episode ends with them getting thrown out of it and with fairies shooting light at them as a result.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You is the angel of death.

Lafayette [to Sookie]

This is who you are now. Top of the chain. No human can hurt you any longer. They're yours to savor.


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Shaela miller lonely Lonely Shaela Miller iTunes
Rupert holmes escape Escape Rupert Holmes iTunes