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Sam makes a big decision this week and leaves behind Bon Temps. Back at Fangtasia, Bill, Sookie and Jess arrive. Bill turns down the chance to drink Sarah's blood and the cure. Jess and Sookie both get upset. Jessica asks Bill to release him.

Sookie finds two letters left by Sam for her and Andy. She delivers Andy's top him at the BB&G where Arlene is hosting a dinner for her friends. Andy's letter from Sam is to inform him that he has resigned as mayor.  Jessica sees James and apologizes for not showing enough interest in him. She and her former flame reconcile.

Bridget asks Hoyt about Jessica who he says he never met until that night. Jessica shows up and Hoyt is forced to make a choice. He chooses Jessica, so Bridget calls Jason. Jessica tells Hoyt about glamouring him. Jason shows up and Hoyt knocks him out. Bridget help him up and spends the night at his house and teaches Jason a lesson in restraint.

Bill is visited by Eric. Bill tells him about the dream he had about he and Sookie's baby. Bill asks Eric to get Sookie to come visit him. He picks her up outside the BB&G and flies her to Bill's.

Pam colors Sarah's hair while Eric gives Ginger the thrill of her life. Eric gets caught in a lit though and Pam's life is put in jeopardy.




True Blood
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True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Whatever this is. Whatever you're doin. You don't get to hide behind the word fate.


All you gotta do is drink this cunt's blood and this could all be over.