True Blood Review: To Die, To Sleep

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A few weeks ago, Bill helped a weakened Eric break down a wall to uncover the secret entrance into Fangtasia.

This week on True Blood Season 7 Episode 9, it was Eric's turn to help, as Bill dragged his failing body through the same hole in the wall he created. 

All you gotta do is drink this cunt's blood and this could all be over.


Oh, it was that simple, but Vampire Bill could screw up a coin toss. He's always sort of been the Herbie the Elf of the vampires, hasn't he?

Well... Jess and Sookie weren't about to stand idly by and let Bill ho-hum his way to the true death.

Whatever this is. Whatever you're doin. You don't get to hide behind the word fate.


Once you wake up in a world full of supernatural beings like we've seen in Bon Temps, fate pretty much goes the way of 8-tracks and cassette tapes if you ask me. What Sookie and Jess needed to call Bill out on was how he being a coward or, at the very least, very selfish. 

Sookie: I'm scared.
Eric: Death is scary. I've been avoiding it for a thousand years.

While I hope Eric goes on avoiding death for another 1,000 years, I can also respect Bill's wish to hang up his fangs and call it a career, but to quote Switch from The Matrix, "not like this...not like this."

Everyone you know has just been to the edge of Hell and back and you're going to call it quits? If Bill wants to meet the true death, he should go out like Godric and face the sun. Don't let this disease, which was created out of fear and hate for your kind, take you down.

Eric said it best: "Get over yourself Bill." No one wants to father a baby smoke monster like we saw on Lost, but that was just a vision and a fever-induced one at that. Bill likening Sookie's feelings for him to a moth being drawn toward a flame was rather insulting, really. Sookie has made some bad choices in her day, but they were hers to make.

According to his summation, Sookie is incapable of free will when he is concerned. Yes, he has wronged her, but what relationship is free of issues? Because Sookie would not let go, or as Bill put it, is incapable of letting go, he asked Eric to help him set Sookie free.

So in stunning fashion, Eric granted Bill's final request and brought Sookie to his doorstep so that he could release her from his hold over her.

Jessica, meanwhile, wasn't about to go through the pain of losing her Maker while still connected to him. There was an easy way for him to release her after all.  All he had to do was say the words, which he did. So Jess closed out that chapter of her life, but then reopened another as she pursued Hoyt.

Hoyt grew a serious set while living in Alaska, I guess, because not many people would walk out on a life with Bridget, just to have a conversation with Jess. It was the honorable thing to do, though, and that is, of course, the Hoyt we knew. Jason said it best, Hoyt and Jessica belong together, even if he has sort of become a dick.

Not going to lie, it was hard watching the scenes of them falling back in love. I liked Jess and Jason together, mostly because I wanted them both to be happy. If Hoyt is the man to make her happy, however, then I guess I am on board.

Then, what of Jason, who has been my most beloved character next to Eric on the show? Making things easier to swallow was seeing Bridget in his vintage Bon Temps Football tee.

Hoyt once told him he would never have what he and Jessica had, that there was a piece of him missing inside. While Jason and Bridget might not end up together by the finale, I am happy that at the very least, someone told him that Hoyt was wrong.

He isn't just a pretty face and killer abs, but a good person as well. He just might want to keep those peas on ice in case Bridget doesn't end up sleeping with him. I also will be channeling him the next time I call Delta to have a flight changed and am trying to avoid the fee.

Sam said goodbye this week, having made the right choice to go to Chicago with Nicole and their baby. His life up till now has been in Bon Temps, but he was right to acknowledge how our first life ceases to exist when children are added to the equation. He is getting way more than he is losing and fans should be happy to see him go with that in mind.

There are still many storylines to wrap up with just one episode to go, but I am glad Eric took the time to give Ginger the moment she has always dreamed of. Of course, no one really wanted to see a drawn out love scene with the two of them, so it's fitting she climaxed so quickly, having gotten to live out her fantasy.

Eric getting up and smoothing back his hair after, while Ginger lay on the ground in post orgasmic bliss, was just fantastic.

Something else to note about that scene was when Eric told Ginger he was immune to the virus now, having had the cure. If true, that bodes well for those hoping to see Eric end up with Sookie, but also for Arlene and Keith's future.

There have been several scenes recently that harkened back to past seasons: Jess and Hoyt at Bill's door, Sookie and Bill exchanging pennies for their thoughts, etc. We were treated to another moment of nostalgia this week as we watched Pam coloring Sarah's hair, which called to mind the scene in True Blood Season 2 when Pam worked on Eric's hair while he talked to Lafayette.

I love Pam, but once again she ended up in silver, being used as leverage against Eric. This time it was to find out if Sookie knew about the cure. Come on Pam! Help a brother out. That is like the fourth time this season.

With one episode remaining, it remains to be seen if Sookie will end up with Eric. I think Bill is out of the equation at this point. He has taken stock of his time on Earth. His bags are packed, he is ready to go home. Sookie still has a part to play. I think her blood could give Gus Jr. the limiting affect he is looking to add to New Blood.

Of course, I would hope the cure is made available to everyone, but we all know how big pharma works.

Then again, Eric and Pam have the business savvy and know how to launch the product on their own. I have to think Eric and Gus's power struggle is going to come to a head in the finale. Threatening Pam has never sat well with Eric, which is why I think we will see Eric do away with Gus in a most visceral manner and together he and Pam will launch a new and most profitable business.

The penultimate episode of a season is often the most entertaining, but when it comes to series finale, that all goes out the window. Reactions to this season have been widely split, but with one installment remaining, I am holding out hope that True Blood won't go out like Dexter did, but rather will be mentioned in the same group of finales as those like Breaking Bad.

Here is your first look at True Blood Season 7 Episode 10, the series finale titled "Thank You."

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Whatever this is. Whatever you're doin. You don't get to hide behind the word fate.


All you gotta do is drink this cunt's blood and this could all be over.