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Sookie looks for a miracle this week in order to save Bill, and called on her fairy godfather. Eric and Pam are taken prisoner by the Yakuza but strike a deal the owner of the disgraced Yamomoto corporation to find Sarah Newlin. 

When Andy walks in to find Adilyn and Wade having sex he flies off the handle. Violet tries to win Jason's affections, but when he leaves to go help Jessica she loses her temper as well. She then comes across Adilyn and Wade and offers them a place to ride out their parental storm. She takes them to her house and offers them a room.

James convinces Lafayette to listen to his crazy aunt and gives the two of them his blood to communicate with Tara. Before they can find out what her message is, the reverend intervenes.

Jessica overhears Bill say he is sick while on the phone. While is is off secretly trying to change his last will and testament, Jessica breaks the news to Sookie. Sookie asks a special doctor for help, but she is scared off when she learns something about Sookie.

Eric and the others pay Amber a visit looking for Sarah. Amber reveals that her sister is the antidote to the virus and had healed her. Eric kills her all the same despite her value.

Arlene is visited by Keith and the two hook up. Later on she is visited at the BB&G by Sam who asks her if he is crazy to want and stay in Bon Temps. Hoyt meanwhile returns with his girlfriend and Jason takes them to see his dead mother.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

This isn't about capture and kill anymore.


Okay, so there's a fully stocked fridge with snacks. Sling is over there. Nipple clamps on the bedside table with some erotic oils and handcuffs. Dildos and toys are on the wall.