True Blood Review: Dancing With Death

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With the majority of players back in Bon Temps, we first caught up with Eric and Pam this week on True Blood Season 7 Episode 7.

Proving himself worthy of his additional screen time was Gus Jr., as he brought a fresh approach to the questioning of Amber. Later, Unlike Cush's dad in Jerry Maguire, his world really did prove stronger than oak as he waited for Eric and Pam before going to get Sarah.

While they took a rather unorthodox route toward finding a scientific antidote to the virus, Sookie looked for a cure to her problems through some nonconventional means.

Anna Paquin delivered her best scenes of True Blood Season 7 this week, the best of which came when Jessica questioned Sookie's refusal to accept what appeared to be an inevitable outcome for Bill.

How can you not believe in miracles and magic when they're happening all around us every single day? There's a miracle just out there just waiting for Bill. I just have to go out there and find it.


Fully aware of the magic of her people (and out of options) Sookie cashed in her Fairy Godfather card and called Niall. Getting to see Rutger Hauer eat spaghetti a second time was a treat in itself, but the the life lesson he showed Sookie was, of course, the most important part of his return.

He reminded her there is magic in the ordinary, in the things we CAN see.

He showed her the birth of Bill's first child as an example of such magic. All Sookie heard, though, was that Niall could not help Bill. He had dealt a serious blow to her belief that everything would work out.

Sam and Arlene also had a discussion about fighting the cruel hand of fate. 

At what point does the guy whose house keeps getting hit by a tornado call it a day?


Sam wondered if he was as crazy for wanting to stay in Bon Temps. So over a few shots of Monkey Shoulder whiskey, Arlene summed it up for him. While she isn't happy, her best shot to be so is in Bon Temps because; that is where her family is.

Sam's best shot, however, is with Nicole and their child - and for Nicole that is anywhere but Bon Temps.

Arlene's prospects for happiness did take a positive turn though with Keith. Any number of sexual innuendos could be made to go along with that pool table sex dream, but it was Keith's sudden appearance in real life that gave him ball in hand. (I couldn't help myself.)

Arlene: We can't have sex?
Keith: Well then let's just dance.

With all that has befallen the people of Bon Temps, it was a joy to see Arlene find a couple moments of happiness. The first was when Hoyt pulled up to the BB&G. I loved how excited she got to see customers and the way she yelled back to Big John full of anticipation.

Then, with Keith, she was able to put aside all the death for a few moments and just dance. She also put aside a prejudice of hers to find happiness in Keith's arms.

We were reminded of the social stigma vampire/human relations still carried, but Arlene showed that even in these late stages of the story, people can change.

Then there are those whose true nature is unwavering, no matter what happens. For all he has been through and experienced, Jason still could not deny the dog in him as he repeatedly checked out Hoyt's girlfriend. Is Jason really going to come between Hoyt and another woman with just three episodes to go?

Hoyt mentioned she was a microbiologist and Jason is a simple organism. Simple or not, I did so love the scene of him vacuuming.

In the True Blood world full of supernatural beings, humans are often mere pawns - but Andy and Holly's story-line was compelling. While the vampire world reeled on the brink of extinction, they were just two parents struggling to find their kids and wondering how they could be expected to protect them in such mad times. 

It must be said, however, had Andy not freaked out so badly, perhaps Adilyn and Wade wouldn't have ended up in Violet's sex room. Violet's motives, of course, were anything but innocent, yet she did come off as quite the hostess at first.

Okay, so there's a fully stocked fridge with snacks. Sling is over there. Nipple clamps on the bedside table with some erotic oils and handcuffs. Dildos and toys are on the wall.


Her actions have set her on a collision course with Jessica, as well as Andy and Holly. Perhaps Jessica will be able to finally forgive herself if she can help get Adilyn out of this jam.

Lafayette put aside his differences with his aunt to help her find some peace, but they were interrupted before they could find out just what Tara was trying to show them. We left them digging holes like a couple of meth heads Jesse Pinkman would know.

Dr. Ludwig made her first appearance since True Blood Season 4 where we saw her trying to help Pam get over her decomposing curse, but my favorite face from the past had to be Steve Newlin. He hilariously tormented Sarah's hallucinations, but her paranoia will prove real once Eric and the 2 Fast 2 Furious crew catch up with her.

I'm a bit paranoid as well at the prospect of Japanese satellites being able to find me too.

I guess I should take a page out of Sookie's book, who handled the news that Niall is always watching her rather well, all things considered.

Lastly, we were force fed another series of Bill flashbacks. We learned that his marriage was arranged. Lucky for him the woman they chose wasn't as "comely" as he had anticipated. The nature of their relationship is interesting, though, when coupled with Niall telling Sookie how he didn't think Bill was right for her. 

Sookie chose to be with Bill to the end regardless. 

Perhaps a baby is in her future, a baby from Bill. Perhaps in his weakened state, with the virus changing his body, procreation could occur with a human. With just three episodes to go, we won't have long to wait and see. 

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

This isn't about capture and kill anymore.


Okay, so there's a fully stocked fridge with snacks. Sling is over there. Nipple clamps on the bedside table with some erotic oils and handcuffs. Dildos and toys are on the wall.