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We meet two contrasting detectives, played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, on the True Detective premiere.  In May of 2012 we see Martin Hart (Harrelson) questioned about his relationship with Rust Cohle (McConaughey). Next we see Rust being questioned in April of 2012 about a case involving a girl named Dora Lange which he and Martin worked together. Rust realizes the case they solved back in 1995 is being looked into because of a recent murder that resembles the one they were called in on years ago. Martin is a family man with a wife and two daughters, while Rust we learn had both a daughter and wife who died.  As they began to look into the murder of Lange, they learn of another girl Marie Fontenot, who went missing from the same area a few years back. Their theory that Lange's killer had killed before is confirmed when they find a superstitious figure near the house where Fontenot went missing from, resembling ones found at the Lange crime scene. Thrust into the middle of the case is a dinner scene with Martin's family who invite Rust over. Rust has a habit of annoying Martin with the way he talks and offers up little about himself, but after showing up drunk to dinner, he opens up and reveals to Martin's wife about losing his family. Back in 2012 we begin to realize that the once partners are no longer police and had some sort of falling out. Rust knows the recent murder is why he has been brought back in for questioning and urges the detectives to start asking the right questions.

True Detective
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I was just a regular type dude, with a big ass dick.


Past a certain age, a man without a family, can be a bad thing.