When Mason sees a water leak downstairs, he immediately runs to his wife in the shower only to find out she already knew about the leak and was thinking of remodeling the bathroom instead.  Erin even already go tthe bids.  Meanwhile, Conner is having his own financial problems when an HR rep, Bruce, tells him he'll have to pay back some of his illegitimate company expenses from his travels.  Conner goes to complain to Mason about his money problems, only to have Mason admit he never got his raise from his promotion and is having his own money problems with redoing the bathroom.  

Meanwhile, Sarah sees Tom flirting with Amy and teases him until she realizes Tom and Hector have been put on Dove.   Sarah goes to confront Mason and he ends up agreeing to be her partner on the Dove campaign to calm her down.  Mason then goes to meet with Denise to discuss getting a raise, and she tells him he hasn't done anything to deserve it yet and only got the promotion because Stu died.  Ouch.  Conner nad Mason tehn go to meet with Jan, a headhunter, about the two of them getting new jobs together and it's revealed that Conner makes more than Mason.  What!?  After the meeting, Mason goes off on Conner for not telling him the truth before their meeting but ends up cutting a check to Mason for him to pay back the four thousdand something he owes.

Mason comes up to find that Erin has already started the bathroom rennovations.  At work the next Sarah ambushed Mason to help her with her pitch and he agress to in thirty minutes.  Mason then walks into Conner's office to find him working desperatley on his own Dove campaign to try and earn some extra money.  Mason then finds out they have a phone interview with a company in Minnesota.  That night Conner pitches his idea and the two of them begin hammering it out only to have Sarah come in and see them working on it together.  She storms off and heads to the bar.  Conner soon finds her there and finds out about an an affair Sarah ahd with Mason eight years ago!

Sarah then pops into Mason's office after the bar and the two of them pull an all nighter working on it.  The next day Conner walks in and sees Sarah's sweater on Mason's couch and her storyboards done better than his.  He's angry.  At the pitch meeting with the client, everyone pitches their ideas and Mason stands behind Sarah's and that ends up being the one that's used.  After the client meeting they end up doing their phone interview and a scorn Conner ends up hanging up the phone.  Conner then asks him why he never told him about the affair, and Mason counters by asking why he never told him about the pay raise.

Mason then goes home and tells Erin they have something serious they need to talk about, something he doesn't want to keep a secret from her anymore.  He tells her about... his lack of a raise!?  What.  He totally chickened out and we're not sure if we blame him.  Waiting eight years to confess to an affair is a bad call.

Trust Me
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Trust Me Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I know I said shampoo is not my thing, like I'm an anthropologist studying a bizarre alien race. But I have been working my ass off, all by myself and I still don't have a partner


Look Conner, I get it. Mini bars get emptied. You don't want to write "Crazy Girls Strip Club" on your expense reports, so you say you took a few taxis

HR Guy