Mason and Erin plan a weekend of three nights staying at a nice hotel, but Erin is less than enthusiastic due to Mason always cancelled vacations for pitches.  This time it's going to be different!  Meanwhile, at the office, Tom goes to pick up a printout from the working color print on the 25th floor and finds Cochran's group is working on a bid for the Chicago Olympics.  Mason goes to find out why their group never competed for the bid, and Tony says it's because they had to work on Arc Mobile at the time.  With time free, Mason makes Tony call Denise and regrets it when he realizes the bid is due this Monday.  Sorry Erin.

When Mason tells Conner, Conner insists that Mason be a good husband on go on his trip with his wife while Conner leads the meeting.  Reluctantly, Mason goes with Erin to the hotel (especially when she shows up at the office with the suit cases!) and he's very distracted throughout their trip.  He even insists on coming back twice during it, first to make sure they don't need him, and second when he gets a call from the office that Conner is out of control and not listening to anywone's ideas.  However, ultimately none of it matters because Tony ignores all of their suggestions and takes his own idea to Denise.

Mason comes crawling back to Erin showing up late for dinner.  She seems understanding and they have wild hotel sex.

Sarah, meanwhile, gets a new partner, Julie Finn, who was big in the industry ten years ago but took some time off to raise a family.  Julie ends up brining her kid to work the weekend on the Olympic campaign and in general doesn't seem to get along well with Sarah.  It turns out Sarah promised Julie a flexible schedule when this job is anything but.

Trust Me
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Trust Me Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mason: I hate massages. They stress me out. I never know whether to leave my underwear on or take it off.
masseuse: Oh, you have to ask.
Conner: You have to ask.
Mason: Yeah, that's gonna help. Starting a conversation with a perfect stranger saying, "Should I get totally naked?" Not relaxing for me

A beautiful woman is waiting all alone in a hotel suite, probably wearing all of her sexiest lingerie. Somebody should go

Conner [to Mason about his wife]