Truth Be Told Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Ghosts Are the Feast

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Poppy is in too deep.

The theme of Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2 was about keeping your house in order and let's just say, most of these characters are not keeping their homes in order.

Poppy's investigation, while simultaneously podcasting and being a best friend to the victim's wife, was always going to come with its fair share of caveats.

Micah and Poppy - Truth Be Told (2019)

The lines are starting to blur, and Poppy is going to need to decide whether her friendship with Micah is more important than finding out the truth, and, quite frankly, what was Poppy thinking when she told Micah about the secret son before the event?

Micah was already struggling to keep it together, so her meltdown was expected. Maybe it was a ruse on Poppy's part to see how her friend reacted to the news, possibly to rule her out as a suspect.

Yes, we know Micah was not anywhere near the crime scene at the time of the murder, but I'm struggling to rule her as innocent. Her actions are all over the place, but that's consistent with someone who has been struggling for so long.

The Truth Comes Out - Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2

Micah's success obviously overshadowed her husband's, so it was inevitable there would be a certain form of resentment. Then, when you add that Joshua was stepping out on Micah, well, you have a much clearer picture of the state of their relationship.

They clearly remained together for optics. Was either of them benefiting from this marriage aside from the media attention that comes with being with their respective partner?

Drew going from a suspected lover to a secret son was the twist I didn't see coming, but my jaw was on the floor when the photos revealed the birthmarks in the same place.

Who would want to murder a father and his secret son and make it look like a murder-suicide? I'm starting to get the feeling it's going to be someone who was obsessed with Micah and wanted her to be all alone, so they could swoop in to comfort her in the aftermath.

Plotting - Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2

This definitely makes me think it's someone within Shelter. These scenes of the spooky man with the dollhouse concern and all, but the show is throwing random storylines in off the cuff to come across as more mysterious than it actually is.

Cydie being pursued by the same man who pursued Ruthie was a major cause for concern because, who is this man, and what's his connection to the case?

I know Sons of Ivar are being ruled out of the running, but what if he's more connected to the original case? We now know Poppy is being sued, so the original case is going to pop up again.

If this goes to court, we could see some faces from the past, some people who would want nothing more than for Poppy and the people in her orbit to squirm.

What Happened to Joshua? - Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2

If I had it my way, the initial case would remain in the freshman season because the story is getting very difficult to follow with these random developments.

The only good thing about these developments is that they should teach Poppy never to work a case with anyone close to her. She needs to find a way to draw the line between personal and professional.

What's even more concerning is that she wanted to keep certain aspects of her findings from the podcast. If the news starts leaking out elsewhere, what will the point in the podcast be?

People will go wherever the news is, and if Poppy is revealed to be keeping aspects of the case from her loyal viewers, they'll struggle to keep the loyalty flowing.

New Crime Scene - Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2

Aames actually investigating the Sons of Ivar came out of nowhere, but he knows Poppy is not the type of person to mince her words.

Joshua obviously thought there was something iffy about the Sons of Ivar to leave and expose them, but is it possible they're just a big red herring to keep viewers guessing until the end of the season?

Shreve's possible diagnosis came to light much sooner than I thought, but I like that the show is tackling CTE. There are so many unanswered questions surrounding the condition, but the show seems to raise awareness of the condition.

The family was never going to take the news easily. The only good thing is that all these women come together when the going gets tough, so hopefully, they will be unified in their approach to caring for Shreve should the symptoms worsen.

At an Event - Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2

Cydie taking on that fateful shift was scary. She needed some time away from the house to process and almost found herself on the wrong side of the same person who followed Ruthie.

Truth Be Told is straddling the fine line between good and bad in its second season. The case could be good, but I'm finding myself more intrigued by the family dynamic in the Scoville household.

The case feels convoluted, and as long as we keep getting outlandish twists, it will be hard to take the case seriously until we get some solid answers.

The acting remains a cut above the other shows, but unless there's a big upswing in believability for all the plots, this could turn out to be a bad season.

Upset Micah - Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 1

What are your thoughts on the quality so far?

Do you think the show should put the first case in the rear-view mirror?

Hit the comments.

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