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Dwight is on his way back to New York, Frank Sinatra crooning in the background.

Joanne practically leaps into his arms when he arrives. It's been a while.

Dwight is anxious to see Tina, but Jo wants to take him to see his brother first. He checks in with Denise, Joe's wife, and talks to his brother about lost time.

He spots Tina across the room, and they exchange glances, but she's not ready to talk yet. Outside, Jo shares how she feels about Tina, her husband, and Dwight's twin grandsons, Cody and Ryan.

Chickie calls Dwight to chastise him. His father is in the hospital, and he demands that Dwight visit him, seemingly instead of going to his own brother's funeral mass.

Tyson makes a call while driving and gets pulled over. The police cuff him and slam him against the car. They find a joint in the car, and then they accuse him of car theft. He gets dragged into jail and can't reach Dwight.

Dwight sits at the head of the family table and meets the family again. When it comes to Emery, he says there was a phone where he was too, so Emery could have called for his blessing. Tina slaps that down quickly.

The family hates the restaurant, and Tina says it's all about what makes Dwight look like a bigshot. They're not even happy that he paid the hospital tab.

Dwight gives a toast to Joe and to the family just living now and enjoying the moment. Tina leaves, taking Emery with her.

Dwight heads over to see Chickie, and they butt heads. At the same time, Tyson is getting the runaround in jail.

Dwight gives Stacy a call to hear her voice. They talk about Tina and the nitrous guys -- there's more to them than meets the eye.

The cops have got Bhodi in the car with Tyson's phone. After calling Dwight, they put a bag over his head. Tyson gets out of jail, but they've stolen his 1200 bucks and phone.

Dwight calls Denise and leaves a message about what he would have said at the church. It's a beautiful speech.

Manny talks with a woman at the stable. Her dad runs the Black McAdams. They'll kill anyone who gets in their way. At the same time, her dad has a knife to Bodhi's throat. The guy asks about his relationship with Dwight, and Bodhi says he's being extorted. They chat a bit more, and he's bagged again.

Some deputies take Tyson to the Bred2Buck, where he tells them to get their fat cottage cheese asses out of his joint since it's on Cherokee land and they have no jurisdiction.

Manny does some research into the Black McAdams that evening, and they're as dangerous as the mafia.

Dwight visits Tina at her flower shop. She calls him Dwight, which hurts him. She admits she feels a little flicker of love for him, but her instinct is to stamp it out. She doesn't think he's learned anything, and when she noted Oklahoma, he says it's a little late for him to find a new trade.

She tells him the day after Christmas was her favorite because she dreaded what should have been happy times. Her life was topsy-turvy. Still, she doesn't wish he had died in Uncle Joey's place. When he left, he left his family with nothing. Her mother didn't even have a checking account. Tina almost tells Dwight why a guy he knew was called the package. She stops, realizing that Dwight would kill him. She asks him to promise not to do anything.

Dwight tries to break the promise immediately, but when he doesn't find Nico, he visits Pete in his hospital bed. Dwight says he realizes that the good old days weren't so good. He knows what he missed. Tina grew up, got married, and did it all without his protection He regrets that deeply.

Dwight reminds Pete that he swore on the soul of his mother he'd protect Dwight's wife and daughter. He asks plainly. Did he fucking know. Pete didn't know.

Dwight finds and fries the guy, literally, placing his face on an electric burner. Then he stomps on his head.



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Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jo: You comin' to the mass tomorrow?
Dwight: I'd like to say somethin' at the mass.
Jo: No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Joanne: He was just tryin' to help.
Tina: Right. Because the first person I thought of when I needed help was my dad.