Turning Over West Point - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Major Hewlett tells Major Andre that Culper is a cabbage farmer in Setauket named Abe Woodhull. Andre has other things on his mind, as he has to go meet with Continental Army General Benedict Arnold in person in the dead of night so they can end the war as soon as possible.

General Arnold tells Major Andre that he wants 20,000 pounds in order to turn over West Point to the British. That’s almost $600,000 today (according to this www.davemanuel.com). Andre wants Arnold’s wife, Peggy, in the deal as well (!). Arnold proves to be a poor double agent, as his plan is foiled by Robert Rogers (who has the local skinners do his dirty work), Caleb Brewster (who gives Abigail/Anna’s intel to Washington) and Benjamin Tallmadge (who figures it out after facing Andre, who was caught by the skinners). Andre remains in custody, but somehow Arnold manages to flee them all. In Setauket,

Abe is competing for worst spy in America (he doesn’t know Benedict has that title locked up). He decides to try to get the townspeople to revolt against the Queen’s Rangers (specifically Simcoe). Of course, the Rangers are ready and Simcoe wants Abe to hang for treachery.

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Andre: A misunderstanding.
Ben: Of course.

We are undone.

Benedict Arnold