March To The Gallows - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Two men are hung in this season three finale, but only one will live to see Season 4 (if there is a season 4!)

At West Point, the Gen. Washington discovers that Gen. Benedict Arnold has escaped aboard the British ship Vulture. After he’s gone, his wife Peggy acts delusional so that suspicion will not fall on her (she continues to be the best spy of the bunch!).

British Maj. John Andre was captured by the Continental Army in neutral ground and the question isn’t whether or not he will die, the question is how. He asks Gen. Washington to allow him to be killed honorably as a soldier (instead of a spy) by way of firing squad (instead of hanging).

The tribunal doesn’t see it his way, and soon Andre starts his march to the gallows in a fresh uniform brought to West Point by the woman who foiled his plot.

Andre stares at his Peggy before the cart that supports his body moves away.

At the same time that Andre meets his fate, Abe is put on trial for trying to raid the armory and start a revolt in Setauket.  His father is the appointed lawyer for the crown, while Abe must represent himself in court.

On the witness stand, Mary accuses Judge Woodhull of helping Simcoe, and later Abe confesses that his brother’s death was his fault.

Simcoe swings the gavel: GUILTY.

Sentenced to hang, Abe gasps as he swings from the gallows, but he is saved by his father, who runs to support his son’s flailing body. Other townspeople join in, and Col. Cooke arrives to stop the proceedings and send Simcoe out of Setauket.

In New York, Robert Townsend decides not to help the ring any longer, despite pleas from his dad.

That’s how he felt until Benedict Arnold dropped by his pub.

In a set-up for season 4 (hopefully!), Culper Jr. buys an ad in Rivington’s newspaper, alerting the ring that he’s back!

Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Get out of my town, you pathetic amateur.

Judge Woodhull

I pray that you bear witness that I meet my fate like a brave man