Court Martial - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Proud Mary keep on TURNing! Mrs. Woodhull put her sharp shooting (and spy) skills on display, as she attempted to assassinate Capt. Simcoe while pretending to be Roger Rogers while also pretending to take a bath. Confusing? Yes, but her plan almost worked. Unfortunately enemy No. 1 Simcoe survived and he’s beginning to suspect that he underestimated Mary.

In Washington’s Camp, Major Ben Tallmadge was reunited with his lonely widow from New Jersey when she showed up as a prisoner after ambushing Patriot soldiers. The reunion didn’t last long, as she refused Ben’s offer to become a spy and then later suffered the same fate as her husband at the hands of a Continental soldier.

In Philadelphia, General Benedict Arnold defended himself admirably at his court-martial. He received only a reprimand for the charges brought against him by Congressman Reed. He was relieved to clear his name, but expected to be paid by Congress for the last 4 years of service to the country. When he was told the truth about the financial fitness of the nation, he knew he would not see his money any time soon. And he will need money immediately, because Miss Peggy Shippen wants to move up their wedding date.

Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

By letting you go I am all but committing treason


Loyalty makes the man