Benedict Arnold's Ball - Turn: Washington's Spies
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A tale of two worlds: Officers and Spies.

The officers and congressmen are gathered in Philadelphia for a ball at the home of Gen. Benedict Arnold. Arnold’s fiancee, Peggy, almost has her husband-to-be convinced his country has betrayed him and he should get revenge by supplying intel to the British. But he wants to try to convince his friend, Gen. George Washington, to help him with the timeline of his upcoming court-martial.

Peggy tries to drive a wedge between the two men but Washington agrees to help his longtime friend. Peggy also discovers at the ball that her one-true-love Major Andre has taken a lover in New York.

Ben Tallmadge may begin to suspect Arnold is up to no good.

Meanwhile, on Long Island, the spies are gathered at the Townsend Farm for Thanksgiving and they endured a night that may have broken up the Culper Ring for good.

A filthy Robert Rogers crashes the party, demanding information about Major Andre’s love interest.

The truth comes out about the raid that convinced Townsend to join the spy ring.

The Queen’s Rangers also show up at the farm too late to catch Rogers, so Simcoe decides to head back to Setauket.

Turn: Washington's Spies
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George, you want to be liked.


Here we go!!