A Visitor From the Past - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Abe volunteers for the Benedict Arnold’s American Legion and nearly runs into Lt. Col. Simcoe on his first day of training.

The ever-popular Pvt. Woodhull was also invited to dine with Quartermaster Cooke, and then invited to Kennedy House by none other than Gen. Clinton. The British officers can’t understand why Abe would leave his lands in Long Island to become a lowly private in under Arnold’s command.

At the same Kennedy House soiree, Peggy overhears her husband’s new body man (teen spy-wannabe Cicero) spilling secrets to Pvt. Woodhull. She then quickly leaves the party without telling her husband what she’d just witnessed.

Abe (Spy name Culper) also runs into Townsend (Spy name Culper Jr.) at his Tavern in New York. Junior, who thought he was out of the Ring, was shocked to see Abe walk in wearing a Redcoat. When they run into each other again at Kennedy House, Abe tells him what Cicero has learned about Gen. Arnold’s routine.

Washington’s Camp got two new visitors this week. Mary Woodhull (along with little Thomas) struggles to adjust to life in camp. She has to stick to her husband’s cover story so that Abe can go on his mission for the Ring in New York.

Selah Strong (Anna’s husband), who is now a member of Congress, arrives to assess army conditions after the mutiny so he can report back to his fellow congressmen. On his way out, he asks Anna to come back to Philadelphia with him, even though he knows she is doing a lot for the cause in Camp.

Simcoe reveals that he intends to take revenge on someone he knew from Setauket. Is it Abe? Townsend? Or Maj. Hewlett, who has just been promoted to the new Head of Intelligence.

Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

We are never going to see battle.

Pvt. Sturrage(to Abe)

Pvt. Woodhull (trying to convince Arnold to let him join): Providence spared me so that I could stand before you today and seek revenge.
Gen. Arnold: And you shall have it.