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Benedict Arnold (now a redcoat) calls himself The Spyhunter General and begins rounding up all suspected spies. Gen. Washington worries about the security of the Culper Ring.

On Long Island, Culper & Co. launch a plan to sabotage a shipment of hay for the British. Even Judge Woodhull helps the cause by slyly inciting the townspeople , thereby delaying the shipment.

Back in New York, Peggy goes tete-a-tete with Andre’s former flame, Philomena, and manipulates her husband into thinking she is a spy.

Arnold continues to try to prove his worth to the Brits, but his betrayal looms large. 

The pressure mounts on Culper Jr. as a local tailor discovers his part in the Patriot cause. Later Culper Jr. is questioned about the tailor’s suspicious activity. A visibly shaken Culper Jr. throws all of his spy paraphernalia into the fireplace.

Abby's husband looks for her at the former residence of John Andre, but he's surprised to hear that Abby is no longer works in the home. Anna asks Abby if she still has a pass to get into New York City.

Arnold reads Andre's old diaries and figures out who has been helping the spies on Long Island: Caleb Brewster.


Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Ah, General. The red really does suit you.

Caleb [to Benedict Arnold]

His name is Brewster.