Rockin' the Leopard Print - Twin Peaks
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Albert, Tami, and Gordon discuss a project in 1970s that was closed and was centered on UFOs. A few years later the FBI created a Blue Rose squad that would secretly look into it. Albert is the only one out of the group that survived, but they want Tami to join the task force which she accepts. 

They ask Diane to join the group for a small amount of time, to help figure out what happened with Cooper. She agrees. 

Jerry is still running around. 

Laura's mom is shopping for alcohol, she gets distracted when she sees some turkey and beef jerky. She asks about the turkey one, getting anxious about it being new. She mentions that the room seems different and the men are coming. She yells about something happening to her and that she doesn't feel good. She tells Sarah not to do this, when she is Sarah. 

Carl tells someone in his area not to sell blood to eat, he seems to be doing lots of favors and not getting paid for them.

Hawk vists Sarah, who says she feels fine now even though it is clear that she isn't. Again it looks like she is trying to hold back from saying something, acting strange. Hawk offers help of any kind. 

The woman that Richard almost killed is in the hospital.

Diane checks on a message from an unknown number asking about Las Vegas, she answers that they didn't ask her yet.

The Sheriff visits Ben Horne, to tell him that his grandson Richard ran over the boy and it looks like he was the one to try to kill the sole witness. Ben says he will pay for her surgery. He says he lost contact with Richard a while ago.

Ben mentions the key that arrived in the mail, to Cooper's old room. He gives it to Frank to give to Harry.

Albert visits Gordon, asking if his lady friend could wait downstairs and she takes a long while to leave. Albert shares the messages that Diane got. 

Dr. Jacoby does another broadcast, shoveling his way out of shit with his gold shovel. Nadine watches with happiness. 

Audrey shows up in an office, saying she wants to go to the roadhouse. The guy she talks to says they will look for Billy in the morning because he has a deadline. 

Billy has been absent for two days and Charlie is Audrey's husband. Billy turns out to be someone Audrey is in love with and is sleeping with. 

They talk about people named Chuck, Billy, and Tina. Charlie calls Tine to find out, and then doesn't tell Audrey what they talked about.

Diane is at the bar, when she looks up the numbers on Ruth's arm in google maps. This leads to Twin Peaks, the location is somewhere there. 

Two women are having drinks at the Bang Bang Bar. They are waiting for a friend, who might be hanging out with a guy who brought another girl to the bar a few nights before. 

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Richard, that boy has never been quite right.


Let's rock.