Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Part 12

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Audrey Horne truly is back when her entire first scene is about a group of people you don't know, yet there is no chance that you are missing a second of that conversation.

Or in other words, Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 12 finally brought Audrey into the mix and managed to make things interesting with Sarah Palmer's strange behavior.

The only thing truly missing, in a way that you could really pick up on it, was any version of Cooper. There was that small moment when Cooper tried to play ball with Dougie's son, and that is it. 

Once again I ask, do we have the time for this to still be the kind of content that Cooper appears in?

Rockin' the Leopard Print - Twin Peaks

Audrey is back and everything makes sense again.

Or it will when we find out who the hell Tina, Billy, and Chuck are. It might also help to know who Charlie is to Audrey, besides a husband that she doesn't care for much and is only with for some unspecified but hinted at reason.

Audrey can make any scene she is in memorable, but why take that as a challenge worth accepting?

Everything else stood out besides Audrey, and even she felt unfamiliar this time around. She has grown up and is in no way the innocent girl that we knew all that time ago.

She was nothing but anger and spite this time around, yet that makes me want to figure out even more what caused this.

Specifically though, if she is in or around town then why did Frank visit Ben about Richard?

It would be nice to know that Richard isn't connected to Audrey in any real way, but all signs point to yes.

And if Richard is, in fact, her son with Evil Cooper, why did we see him with everyone but his mother?

Although I'm honestly not looking to see Richard anytime soon, especially not with Audrey.

Let's rock.


Diane thought to use Google Maps to figure out what those numbers meant, and I'm shocked that no one else thought to do that first.

She is planning something though, which I can't say I truly mind because possible evil Diane is a favorite of mine already.

It might be a bit of a reach though since she always comes off as very conflicted when replying to this Mr. C.

But as always, I'm generally just holding out some hope for a Diane/Audrey meeting. She has now connected Ruth's body to something in Twin Peaks so why not visit and maybe end up meeting the other woman in Cooper's old life?

Together they might figure it all out before anyone else that is trying to connect everything.

Although, Audrey should maybe meet with her father about Richard and the key that got delivered. 

Richard, that boy has never been quite right.


Gordon and Albert deserve some praise if only for that scene in the hotel room.

All I ask is to one day have the patience that Albert showed while waiting for Gordon's lady friend to leave.

And that is a wonderful example of a scene that lasted five minutes, but would have been better off handled at fifteen seconds, because who really even cared?

It was a whole show of her getting ready to go downstairs to wait at the bar, and that was a nice little waste of time. 

But most of all, I was left confused about the whole thing between Gordon and Tammy. Were they not hinted at from the beginning? 

This isn't relevant in any way to the plot at hand, but I have some questions about all that for sure. 

She owns a turnip farm. I told her to tell her mother that her daughter will turn up eventually.


Sarah could have had that one off appearance and been just as strange in the revival. 

Luckily though there was a deeper look into her current life and nothing is looking good right now.

I almost don't want to know what is happening in Sarah's mind because the answer might be that scary.

The confusion and that creepy factor behind Sarah in the store and at home was dark enough to leave you wanting more.

Is there a presence inside Sarah's mind that isn't all that positive? Or is it not as bad as we are led to believe? How long has this even been happening now? 

At the end of the day, this is a great reminder of how much Sarah is suffering and will continue to suffer from. Losing her entire family and still trying to carry on so many years later is so courageous.

Now, if only it didn't look like she was plagued with the same sort of issues that Laura found herself caught up in. That family really and truly cannot seem to catch a break.

Albert: What kind is it?
Gordon: 11:05

Cooper wasn't around, in any version of that so far. This isn't something that was worth dwelling on when compared to what was shown this time around, but it is something that has started to bother me.

What if this entire revival will be everyone else solving everything themselves? Maybe Cooper will just never return to his old self and the Evil Cooper will continue to exist in his disturbing way.

At this point, I wouldn't even be shocked if Cooper is meant to be on the sidelines forever because at first watching him being all clueless was worrying and now it has just gotten tiring. 

The only thing that made all that better was knowing that Jerry made it out of those woods. It's about time my friend. 

Now all he needs to do is maybe find his brother again? And at this rate that will happen before Cooper finds his memories or old life. 

What fucking crystal ball are you looking into?


What was the highlight of this episode for you? What story do you want to see more of? Did you wish you saw more of someone this time around? How was that Audrey debut for you? What are some theories you have about everything coming together? Let us know below.

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Part 12 Review

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Richard, that boy has never been quite right.


Let's rock.