Going Over Case Files - Twin Peaks
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A woman calls the two men who were meant to kill Cooper's doppelganger in Vegas, she gets upset when they said they didn't do it yet. They drive by the house from the very beginning again, see his car and keep driving. Then another car drives through and comes back again only for the people to explode from the bomb under Dougie's car. 

The body belonged to a man who had a wedding ring in his stomach, and died when his head was removed. 

Evil Cooper stars at himself in the mirror, where he mentions to himself that Bob is still with him as we see flashbacks to the finale. 

Sheriff Truman's wife walks into the office, yelling at him about a leaky roof. Before she comes in, the sheriff talks to Harry Truman on the phone. 

Dougie's wife tells Cooper to go to work and call the people to whom they owe money. He starts to cry when he looks at Dougie's son in the car. Cooper shows up at Dougie's work and gets himself some more coffee that he loves. 

Back at the casino the owner comes in and fires the man who let Cooper win all that money.

Shelby's daughter visits her and asks her for money, which Norma reminds Shelby has been the third time in two weeks. 

Andy and Hawk are still looking over everything back in Twin Peaks. 

Dr. Jacoby streams a show about everything wrong in the world, with even Nadine tuning in. He ends up selling his gold shovels to help people ''dig out of the shit''. 

In the bar some guy won't stop smoking when asked, and it looks like he passes some money to a guy working there. He grabs a girl who asks for a light and won't let her go.

Evil Cooper calls someone, making the systems go crazy in the prison so no one could hear what he says to the other person on the line. 




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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You're still with me, that's good.

Evil Cooper

You hang in there, Harry.

Sheriff Truman