Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Part 5

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This just in, there is still a long way to go.

The adventure is only just beginning, with the puzzle pieces still being handed out before we actually attempt to put them all in the right place.

Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 5 had us following Cooper as Dougie at work, to hilarious results. Twin Peaks gave us a glimpse at two more faces, and explained that Dr. Jacoby was selling those gold shovels because that is always fun.

Meanwhile Evil Cooper is stirring up more trouble in prison but that might see the light of day with a key from The Great Northern Hotel finding its way back. 

Going Over Case Files - Twin Peaks

Cooper knows the he loves coffee, and what else is there really?

This is the one arc that might grow stale. Cooper being lost in the real world was interesting and thrilling in the beginning, but at what point will it start being too slow?

He is slowly becoming himself again, reacting to the word agent and downing coffee like he is starving but that might not be enough.

Watching him try to work in an insurance firm is just as chaotic as one would think, yet it doesn't really help Cooper make it back to Twin Peaks.

Looks like he actually did leave his key for The Great Northern in Jade's car, so there is a chance when it ships there someone will put the pieces together enough to go looking for Cooper but he also should be making more progress.

How much longer will he stumble around at home and work? He needs to get a move on it if he will be successful with finding Evil Cooper and killing him.

Although it is pretty clear that Dougie set himself up with some serious guys, and they are on the lookout for someone who looks exactly like him. It could be connected back to Evil Cooper, but the bigger question revolves around them finding Cooper and assuming he is Dougie. 

Maybe the next big twist will find Cooper tangled up in Dougie's mess, far more than we originally assumed even. The longer he sticks around, the more trouble starts to swirl in his direction even if it isn't about him specifically.

You're still with me, that's good.

Evil Cooper

Twin Peaks has seen its far share of friendly faces, the only one that was just plain confusing was Dr. Jacoby.

But that is okay because all he was doing was painting shovels so he could sell them oniine for $29.99 (plus shipping!).

He spent his time in the last few years building up some kind of conspiracy theory show, with people like Nadine tuning in. Jerry Horne was also around, maybe he even purchased a shovel too.

Plot wise this might not contribute much but who doesn't want to see Dr. Jacoby selling shovels so people could scoop up the shit in their lives?

It is wild and all over the place, yet feels very familiar these days because we all know that online social media presence that is out there and yet gets away with making zero sense. 

At least fans of Dr. Jacoby get a nice gift that he paints himself because that must guarantee better shit removal. 

You hang in there, Harry.

Sheriff Truman

Evil Cooper continued to do his creepy thing, not appearing much yet moving the plot along farther than anything else we saw.

First he has a flashback to his last moments in The Black Lodge before he escaped and then he mentions to the mirror that he is looking at in prison that someone is still with him.

Clearly this someone is Bob but how will that manage to play out?

Bob won't be making an appearance since the actor isn't alive, so could Bob and Evil Cooper be connected like Leeland was?

He was possessed, which was the likely route that was taken with Cooper as well. We only found out 25 years later that Cooper's evil doppelganger took over his life, meaning he didn't need Bob to do it.

With all these flashbacks of Bob's existence prior to now, and the fact that he was always pulling the strings there will probably be some way that he sticks around.

Having Evil Cooper talking to him at least reaffirms that Bob is still present somehow, so the evil he inflicted might make an epic return. 

Where are the cops when we need them?

Dr. Jacoby

The last portion in the bar threw me for a loop, raising a couple of questions about what the point of it was.

And that could be said about everything, but this random guy smoking where he isn't meant to. Maybe I would have cared more if he didn't seem to think he was better than everyone right from the start. 

Then when the girl at the nearby booth asks for a light, he literally grabs her and assaults her. She only asked if he had a lighter and somehow he took that as an invitation to physically attack her, forcing her to stay on his lap while he made sexual remarks to her.

Not to mention that her friends weren't exactly great friend material. They watched this happen for a good minute or two before anyone actually thought to mention that what this guy was doing wasn't actually okay.

That doesn't even include the fact that no one made any move to help. No one got up to give this girl a hand so she wasn't forced to still be held back by this dude.

There should probably have been a point to his introduction once again, and that money being passed around where his cigarettes should be but I'm not here for it right about now.

The cow jumped over the moon.

Evil Cooper

For Your Consideration 

  • Amanda Seyfried is Becky aka Shelby's daughter and this is the only new appearance that I demand stays around. Although her boyfriend (that creepy brother from Get Out if anyone was wondering) could go. He introduced Mike to us, but that is all he is good for. Something tells me he won't be paying anyone back ...
  • Norma and Shelby behind that diner counter as if nothing has changed, because it probably hasn't. That is the stuff I was looking for.
  • What is that thing that turned into a rock when Evil Cooper called to pass along his secret message?
  • Could Bobby's dad still be alive? His fingerprints have popped up about 16 times in the last couple of years and that probably doesn't make much sense if the person is dead. Or maybe we will get a huge arc for a character that really isn't around anymore. 
  • I wish we would see Harry, not just through a one way call. At least he is still out there, but how will it be explained when Cooper does make his way back to Twin Peaks only for his best friend not to greet him? He is sick though so maybe he should get some slack.
  • Jade is amazing, she is the key to everything now. 

Where is Audrey? Who else is impatient that we have yet to see her? Who do you want to see more of that already made their big return? Is there more than meets the eye with Becky's boyfriend and his story? What side arc are you most invested in so far? Let us know what you think below!

And if you need to go back to take some more notes on things you could have missed, you can watch Twin Peaks online right here on TV Fanatic. 

Part 5 Review

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You're still with me, that's good.

Evil Cooper

You hang in there, Harry.

Sheriff Truman