Don't Die - Twin Peaks
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Cooper is brought back to Dougie's home. His wife arranges to meet with the people that Dougie owes money to.

The One Armed Man appears to Cooper and tells him to wake up and not to die. Cooper opens papers from Dougie's work and begins to draw something.

Albert arrives at Max Von's Bar to find the woman that could help identify Evil Cooper. This turns out to be Diane.

Richard Horne ends up with some criminals underground who threaten him. 

Carl watches a son and a mother playing in the park.

Richard Horne is high on the drive back and ends up running over the boy, driving away without even looking back. 

The police arrive on the scene in Vegas where Dougie's car was set on fire, killing those other guys that were waiting for him.

A guy is sitting in a hotel and stabs a picture of Dougie, with a picture of a woman next to it.

Cooper is called in so his boss could look over his work, not understanding the drawing at first and yet it somehow links to something important. His boss thanks him and asks him to keep it quiet. 

Janey-E Jones meets with the people that are demanding the money and lectures them before giving them the amount Dougie got a loan for.

The man from the hotel appears in an office and murders at least three people, including the woman. 

Richard wipes down his car in the woods to get rid of the blood.

Hawk is in the bathroom when a coin drops in a stall, leading him to open the peeling door to find something.  

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Don't die

One Armed Man

I love a town at night when it's 34 degrees and raining.