Towards the Light - Twin Peaks
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Evil Cooper is in his runaway car, and gets shot by the driver. Then some spitir like people emerge trying to save him possibly.

After the Nine Inch Nails sing at a bar, Evil Cooper is brought back to life.

Then there is a flashback to July 16, 1945. The atom bomb is tested successfully for the first time.There is lights being morphed into other colors, then a store and a gas station over the years through some shaky footage. Then some more location scenes and colorful sequences taking over.

Finally there is black and white footage of a woman sitting on a bed and The Giant emerging. Something is blaring, he turns it off. He then goes into another room where the atomic bomb scene is being screened, and then a close up of Bob. The Giant levitates up into the ceiling, the woman from earlier coming into the room.

She watches gold substance come out of The Giant's mouth and morphy into a beautiful display above her.

There there is some flashforward into 1956, where something hatches from it's shell. 

A girl and a boy are walking when they find a penny. Another man and woman are in a car when two strange men approach them asking for a light, they drive off. 

The boy leaves the girl at her house and goes home. 

The strange man who asked for a light from the people in the car arrives at a radio station and kills the people there. He then repeats again and again something over the radio for the people listening about the water and the well. 

The people who listen to this die, with that thing that hatched in the egg appearing in one of the listeners homes. 

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