The Doppleganger - Twin Peaks
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Evil Cooper is walking through the desert alone. He meets people that work for him, telling them to kill the warden and then two people in Las Vegas. 

Gordon gets a call about something important in South Dakota, the Blue Rose case. Then he gets told that Cooper escaped from prison. 

The police try to figure out why Dougie would be attacked. They discuss how there was nothing on Dougie until 1997.

Cooper is at the police station focused on the American flag when he gets distracted by one of the outlets in the wall.

The guy who tried to get Cooper calls someone by the name of J.T to say no cigar and then says he is going on medical leave. The police seem to have arrived at the motel where he is staying. 

As he is heading out they spot him, holding him at gunpoint. 

Back in Twin Peaks, Lucy and Andy both like the same chair but in different colors. Andy tells Lucy she can get the beige one, she gets the red though. 

Someone gets killed in a house.

Bobby comes home to his mother's house, with the Sheriff and Hawk wanting to know why Cooper visited her husband. She says that one day her husband told her they would come one day to ask about Agent Cooper and she should give them something. 

She tellls them to watch the chair, which has a special part that pops out, she gives the piece to them.

Gordon, Albert, and Diane visit the morgue where the headless body was held. Diane stays behind and gets a message from an unknown number: Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively. 

With the body was found a connection to Dougie, 

Jerry hears his foot talking to him saying it isn't his foot, he is terrified to touch it.

Bobby says they can open the object if they take it outside, with him smashing it against the floor to hear something. He smashes it again and they find a note inside explaining that in two days they need to be in a certain place with dirt from another location.

Bobby knows where this Jack Rabbit's palace is, and gets emotional that his dad saw all this. There is another paper with ''Two Coopers".

William Hastings is sobbing when Tammy comes in to ask about his blog, specifically how he found an alternate dimension. He says he met the Major who said he was in hibernation but he needed coordinates, which they found for him. He mentioned Cooper before his head disappeared. 

Ben Horne and his assistant are still trying to figure out where the sound in his office is coming from. They almost kiss but Ben Horne stops it before it can happen. 

Two girls are hanging out at the bar, talking about how one girl got fired. She has a weird rash under her arm that she keeps scratching 

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Cooper flew the coop.


I know, I know. Fuck you, Albert.