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Molly returns to Abuddin, unannounced. Her arrival interrupts Barry's plans to meet Daliyah. She talks to Barry about her changed outlook after treatment, and attempts to reassure Sammy that he is more than enough for her and that she won't ever make him feel like that isn't true. Barry goes to meet with Daliyah at the hotel, and she insists things are over now. She thought his marriage was over, but she won't be the reason he leaves his wife. Molly finds out about the affair, and tells Barry that she's not in love with him any more, but they are still partners. She intends to see Ihab killed and Abuddin restored to democracy, although it quickly becomes apparent that the former objective is significantly more important to her. 

Madiyah, Cogswell, and Leila all travel to Dresden -- the latter two to attend and present at a NATO terrorism conference and Madiyah to become a martyr. While Cogswell and Leila enjoy the freedom to make love in the afternoon and go out in public together, Madiyah explores the city, noticing the everyday citizens peacefully going about their business. She calls her brother and almost tells him where she is and what she plans to do, but suddenly her resolve strengthens. At the hotel, she sits near the oblivious couple, and attempts to detonate the bomb. Something goes wrong, and the bomb doesn't go off. After noticing a family with a young child, she decides to walk away. she is halfway through the lobby when the device suddenly goes off.

After the bombing, Barry and the various candidates struggle with how to react publicly. Barry is talked into going to war by Molly and Maloof, despite warnings from Cogswell that there can be no guarantees the war would be over by the time of the election. Fauzi initially supports Barry's decision to take the fight to the Caliphate in Syria, while Leila vows to recall Abuddin's troops as soon as she is elected. Under pressure from Molly to avenge Emma, Barry postpones the elections, which draws all of the candidates together. He refuses to meet with his former allies, Saddiq and Fauzi, and after Daliyah speaks out against his decision, he has the Truth and Dignity Commission shut down by the army. He orders a curfew be enforced. Cogswell calls Exley, asking for her to return to Abuddin and help him get the situation under control. Ihab looks forward to the coming fight. 

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm done with forgiveness.


I have blood on my hands that I can never wash off. No amount of feeling guilty can change that. I'm of this place now, Barry. I'm stained by the ugliness of this place.