If we don't give up, who's to say tomorrow won't be ours?


You broke your promise! You think principles are something you can put in your pocket, take out every now and then, whenever it suits you! Don't look at me as if I did this to you! you are the architect! This is your doing. I am your doing.


My wife and I have given everything that we love for this cause... General, what is the point of the war if we are no different than anyone else? What are we fighting for?


You try to live your life a certain way. Believing in certain things. But the world...people, some people...they won't leave you alone. And you have to fight back, don't you? Otherwise... But as soon as you do fight back...you're changed. And everything is tainted. And no one is right.


Molly: Is that really what you think of me?
Barry: I don't know. I don't know what our limits are anymore.
Molly: My limits? Jesus. What kind of monster's inside of you that make you see monsters in other people?

A good cause is a good cause, lost or not.


This place wears you down. Failure wears you down. After a while, you just want to say, "Fuck it," and do what you think is right.


Barry: You'd make Ghani an orphan?
Daliyah: I can't... I can't just live for him. I have to show him *how* to live.

Well, there's not much to talk about, though, is there? You've already made all your decisions. You opposed your father. I oppose you.

Sammy [to Barry]

I have done everything that I promised I would do. I have broken with everyone I love for Emma and for you. Not because you asked me to, because I decided to. So I don't need you prayers, I'm not asking for forgiveness, but don't ever talk to me that way. I am the president, not you.


What are you waiting for, are you going to choose your whore or your own daughter?


I wonder how things would have been different if you weren't so beautiful.

to Daliyah}

Tyrant Quotes

Check out Grandpa on the billboard.


Barry: Just promise me we'll come back.
Molly: What? Very funny.