"The Box and the Bunny" starts off with Betty coming into the office and decorating her desk and placing down a bunny she received when she graduated.  Daniel invites her to a meeting with an actress she loves, Natalie Whitman.  Daniel then meets with Bradford who asks him if he's been getting the book (the submitted copy of the magazine to make notes on), because whoever gets the book controls the magazine.

During the meeting with Natalie she's not happy with the touchups they're making of her (they try to make her skinnier since she put on weight) and asks Betty what she thinks... she stalls... and Daniel talks her into it.  After a power struggle witnessed by the office, Daniel tells Wilhelmina he needs the book by the end of the day.  Betty returns to her desk to find her bunny was stolen!  Marc is busy massaging Wilhelmina and discussing their plot to make sure the untouched photos find their way into the final magazine.

Betty notices the unhappy Natalie playing with the touchup program.  Wilhelmina then meets with the bandaged woman who wants to take down Bradford.  Bradford, meanwhile has his own meeting with the shady guy who he wants to remove anything incriminating.  Betty then checks her email to see her bear being held hostage!  Marc delivers Daniel the book, and directly after Amanda comes in to seduce him to leave and Daniel leaves the book behind.  Betty goes into the office and sees the book and calls Daniel to see if he wants her to take the book.  No response so she takes the book.

Betty goes home with the book, where she notices her name is misspelled and she gets a present from Walter: 9V batteries.  Then Gina comes over asking for $4,000 for her broken plasma.  She sees how defensive Betty gets about the book and at night, Gina breaks in and steals the book.  We then see another thief at work, Bradford at Fey's estate stealing a music box.  Betty wakes up to no book and finds a note from Gina wanting a flat screen for the book.  She calls Daniel, who's waking up next to Amanda, to tell him she took the book and about the untouched photos.  He sends a car for her and the book. Betty goes to Gina's and can't get in the front door with the chain on, but Hilda sneaks in the back and fights Gina.  The car comes to pick up Betty and she leaves without the book.

Wilhelmina and Daniel meet in the elevator and he brings up the untouched photos.  They schedule a meeting at 10 to go over changes.  Betty is on her way in the car and the driver overhears the book is stolen and texts someone.  When Betty shows up she tells Daniel about the stolen book and he wants to go to Queens with her.  They go into the 10:00 meeting and when Wilhelmina wants the book to go over her changes they agree to meet back in 3 hours.  When they get to Gina's, she already sold the book to someone.  Oh and douchebag Walter is there installing the new flatscreen.  He explains the story behind the 9V battery.  Who cares.  We see on television that there's rumors of the untouched photos and the weight Natalie gained.

In Wilhelmina's office we see that Marc bought and in the end Wilhelmina doesn't plan on using the photos now that the story's already been leaked.  Daniel and Betty head back in and Daniel wants to find a way to spin it while Betty wants him to tell the truth and just blame her.  They meet with Natalie and Betty quits before she's fired.  Amanda hands her a box of her things as well as the bunny she stole!  On her way out she runs into Natalie in the elevator who asks her why she was fired.  Betty tells her it was her that accidentally leaked the photos and tells her she thought the natural photos were beautiful and would kill to look like her.

Daniel comes clean to his father who praises him for being honest.  Natalie comes in and says they can't fire Betty and that she has an idea.  Wilhelmina turns on the television to find out Natalie wants the untouched photos.  Daniel comes in and Wilhelmina tells him the book has mysteriously shown up.  Christina tries to patch up the bunny and gives it to Betty.  Daniel is going over the book and find a spelling her with Betty's name and fixes it and then sends her home.

The bandaged woman then calls Daniel and tells him his father has secrets.  We then cut over to Bradford burning photos and playing Fey's music box.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Betty: Anything else you need me to do?
Amanda: Keep working. A little overtime and you can afford invisaligns

Amanda: Are you trying to suffocate us with that putrid smell?
Betty: They're empanadas