The episode opens with Hilda nursing Henry back to health after his hangover.  Hmm, the Suarez house seems like a common place to recover from a hangover.

Still in a wheelchair from his accident, Daniel sends Betty on a mission to get her a fancy new wheelchair.  Before she leaves, Betty meets the new guy that works the sandwich cart, Giovanni (Freddy Rodriguez), who she gets fired after he refuses to give her more than three sun-dried tomatoes.  After feeling guilty, she asks to pay Gio to help her pick up Daniel's wheelchair in his van.

Meanwhile, Justin asks Daniel to help show him how to play basketball.  The two go to the court and in the process of showing him how to play, Daniel stands up from his wheelchair revealing that he doesn't even need it.  After Justin accidentally shows Hilda a picture of Daniel standing, she calls Betty.  Betty confronts Daniel at the charity event that evening for wasting her day when she could have been writing.  He agrees to let her take writing classes during her lunch break.  He stands up as he introduces Kenneth Cole.

The next day Betty gets a suprise gift from Gio, a wrapped sandwich with a bow around it.  As she makes her way to her class she runs into Henry on the elevator.  He tells her he's having a paternity test done to know if the kid is his and invites her to lunch.  She declines and Henry asks about the wrapped sandwich and if it's a gift.  The terrible liar that is Betty says it's how the fancy sandwich shop wraps them.

At Daniel's place, Amanda and Daniel open the DNA results together to make sure they're not related... and they're not!  To celebrate Amanda gives him a boob... she's still angry at him but not cruel.  Marc convinces a depressed Amanda to reveal she's Fey Sommer's daughter at the Black & White Ball by showing up in Fey Sommers fashion, in a red dress and using her signature line.  However, when the stunt gets her no attention, Marc "accidentally" pulls off Amanda's dress and gets her nude pictures taken.  Even with her new found publicity, all she cares about is finding out who her father is.

Wilhelmina takes advantage of Alexis' amnesia by visiting her in the hospital and using a photoshopped album to show they're still BFFs.  Wilhelmina tells Alexis that her father left Claire to marry Alexis' BFF.  Apparently the plan worked because at the charity event, Bradford tells Wilhelmina that Alexis gave them her blessing.

Claire and Yoga show up to the event in disguise and Clarie finally gets to talk to Bradford.  However, Wilhelmina spots her talking to Bradford and makes an announcement that their wedding is back on.  Bradford then tells Claire that they're over and he walks to Wilhelmina.  A devasted Claire leaves.

Back in Mexico, Ignacio is being held hostage by Hector, the son of Ramiro Vasquez.  Ramiro, himself, apparently still alive, comes in and tells Ignacio he's come to get what he's always wanted from Ignacio... flan.  After making the man dessert, Ramiro orders his son to kill Ignacio anyway.  With a gun aimed at his head, Ignacio reminds Hector what his father did and how Ignacio used to protect him and how Rosa always treated her stepson, Hector, like a real son.  The scene cuts outside as we hear a gun shot not telling us who got shot.  The episode ends with Ignacio returning home to his family!

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Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Amanda: Those are the DNA results.
Daniel: So.. um, how many times you think we...
Amanda: A lot.. But just remember, if your dad's DNA does match mine, we're only half brother and sister, which means if we did it like twenty times, it was only wrong ten.
Daniel: Okay, that actually made sense to me...Oh my god, you are so my sister!

The whole world is telling us we should not be not together, we're like melon and apricot