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Daniel and Betty Bury Their Problems
The episode opens with Betty having a telenova dream called "Las Pasiones de Betty," in which Betty and Charlie right for Henry's love.  At work Betty is so distracted thinking about Henry and Charlie, she walks into a glass Mode cover and brusies her eye, resulting ina n eye patch.  Justin is at home trying to avoid camp and Ignacio is still stuck in Mexico and being missed.

Daniel has recovered from his car crashed with with some injured legs while Alexis is in a coma.  Daniel, despite stopping the paprazzi from taking pictures of his sister, has yet to go visit her since the coma, blaming himself for the accident.  In in effort to help himself and Betty move on, the two of them have a funeral in Central park.  Betty buries all things Henry while Daniel buries the pills he was addicted to.  When Daniel returns to the hospital he has the courage to visit Alexis and when he talks to her she awakens from the coma, still thinking she's Alex.

Amanda the Pig
Upon finding out she was Fey Sommers' daughter, Amanda has turned to junk food as her comfort and has become quite fat.  In order to rescue his friend, Marc makes Amanda visit her parents in Scarsdale.  While there, Amanda's parents come down and promise there's no secrets and Amanda was adopted because Fey didn't think she could give her the love she needed and the Tanens could never have children.  Meanwhile, her parents have becoming swingers.  So no secrets besides that one!   Amanda and Marc go on a quest to find Amanda's father.  Marc thinks it's Bradford and steals some of his ear hair for DNA testing.

Wilhelmina versus Claire
With Daniel and Alexis out of the picture, Wilhelmina is taking full advantage of being Editor in Chief by completely doing his own magazine.  Wilhelmina runs into Justin who's been hiding at Mode and the little "fashion elf" gives her some advice she takes.  That little fashion elf later gets an internship courtesy of Daniel. Claire, meanwhile, is hiding out in the Hamptons with Yoga.  Claire arranges a meeting with Wilhelmina and agrees to give her Mode if she leaves her husband alone.  They agree to meet in Central Park.  When Wilhelmina arrives, Yoga is in Claire's place and attacks.  It turns out Wilhelmina was on to it and put Marc in her place!  Claire goes to visit Bradford only to find Wilhelmina in his office.  She offers her a scotch and tells her the cops on their way!  Claire knocks her out and runs. 

Hilda and Santos
Since Santos was shot, Hilda and Santos have not left Hilda's room for three weeks.  They sit around and watch television as Betty delivers them food.  Hilda shows off her wedding dress to him and Santos reads her his wedding vows early.  Santos gets up telling her he finally needs to leave the house and heads to the bathroom.  Betty comes in to see if Hilda will come downstairs and when she turns the lights on, it's Hilda sitting alone in her bed holding a pillow... alone.  It was all in her head.  Santos really did die during the robbery.  Hilda finally admits he's gone.  Wow.  It got dusty in here.

The episode ends with Henry getting off in Time Square.  Yay!

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You see this gray hair? This one is called "Santos almost died." I'm not willing to risk another one, so just sit back, relax.


Betty: You want some cereal... shoot I forgot to get the cereal.. which okay because we don't have any milk
Justin: Don't worry about it, we're making macaroni necklaces today, I'll just eat that