Betty goes to visit Matt at his family's house since Matt is staying there while they're out of town.  However, Betty is shocked to find his mom (Christine Baranski) home and she's even more shocked to meet Betty.  She instantly thinks Betty is a maid and tells her to bring in her stuff until Matt shows up.  He invites Betty to a fancy dinner his mom is hosting for a second chance to meet her.   Claire helps Betty figure out the topic of discussion is "torture" at the dinner by calling one of the maids.  With Justin helping Betty dress up for the bsall, she goes and ends up flinging one of her appertizers (a mushroom cap) at a very expensive painting Matt's mom plans on sending to The Louvre.  Whoops.  At the actual dinner, Matt's mom switches the topic to Opera and calls on Betty to speak first.  Betty manages to dig herself out by comparing Opera to what she knows... the fashion industry.

In the coat room, Matt's mom ambushes Betty with questions and then tells her she won't be seeing her again.  Matt comes up and rescues her and says Betty is his girlfriend and he's leaving with her.  Claire then gives Betty advice about standing up to Matt's mom, which she does next time she sees her on the street and it seems to work.  We see a bit of a glimmer of hope of his mom respecting her.  Good, cause Matt is finally growing on us.

Wilhelmina and Conner are struggling at Mode with their money problems and are trying to land creative photographer Miles to do their cover to help move issues.  However, when Miles refuses to cut his fee, Wilhelmina has to sell her clothes to cover her half.  Daniel, meanwhile, has his own problems as he's trying to convince Miolly to do an experimental procedure to possibly cure her cancer.  However, due to the 10% success rate (and more like 2% with her history), Molly would rather not deal with the side effects and would prefer to live the rest of her days enjoying life with Daniel.  Wilhelmina, struggles to sell her stuff, especially after the report the gossip on Fashion TV, but eventually is willing to part with her clothes.  The one thing she refuses to give up is her caviar and champagne at 4 pm every day.  She'll take out a second mortgage if necessary.  They end up both coming up with their $100,000 and sign Miles.

The Suarezes are having breakfast and Elena is back (We missed her last week).   Archie (Ralph Macchio) comes over for a haircut and Igancio seems to worship him as a celebrity, though Hilda thinks he's no Justin Timberlake.  Ignacio and Elena invite over Archie for dinner behind Hilda's back, and though things are awkward at dinner, they end up working out when Archie quotes a JT song for her.  After that they end up hitting it off and Archie asks Hilda out on a date and she says yes.  Awesome, we love the Karate Kid.

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Willy, selling your possessions? Isn't that one rung above appearing on a reality show?


Betty: I am not a gold digger, I don't care about Matt's money
Amanda: ...and cut, print, Oscar! Don't change a word, you nailed it.