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The Suarez family learns that their landlord is about to sell their home to his nephew who's going to convert it into a music studio.  Betty finds out the family would qualify for a FHA loan, but they have to come up with the $15,000 downpayment.  Everyone does their part to raise money, but the gang can only come up with $5k.  To try and earn the last $10,000 Ignacio enters a cooking contest with television chef, Franke (Steve Schirripa).  Although Ignacio beats him tastewise, the show is rigged and Ignacio loses.  A cashier's check for the $10,000 then mysteriously arrvies at the Suarez house with a scribbled signature.

Betty, meanwhile, continues to date Matt and things seem to be going well with him.  He's around during the cooking contest and goes on several dinner dates with her.  After one of the dinner dates, Betty sees the signature on his credit card receipt is the same as the one on the cashier's check!  Betty calls Matt out on it and he says his family gives that kind of money to charity all the time.  Wrong choice of words, buddy.  In the end, Frankie ends up buying Ignacio's recipe off him for $10,000 and hires him to work at his restaurant so Matt's money is no longer needed.  After Matt apologizes for calling her charity, the two make up and he vows to never try and buy her house again.

Meanwhile, the Meade family is still having its own financial problems from Conner's embezzlement.  Claire suggests that Daniel and Wilhelmina go in front of the board considering doing a federal print media bail out.  They take the bus and go there and the board tells them they'll discuss numbers on Thursday.  Daniel and Wilhelmina go out to celebrate at dinner.   When they go back in front of the board, it turns out pictures of their dinner, including a $400 wine bottle, were photographed and the board rejects their request.  Daniel decides to sell all his personal assets to keep the company afloat.

When Wilhelmina sends Marc out to buy her baby clothes, he runs into a cute, single gay dad and arranges a playdate between his imaginary kid and the guy's kid.  Marc goes to borrow Wilhelmina's child from Christina for the date, only to find the guy's baby is sick.  He quickly pases the baby back to Amanda and goes on his date, only to decide the guy talks about his kid too much.  Amanda delivers the baby back to Christina and when Christina tells her she's still attached to the baby and realizes both Wilhelmina and she care about it, Amanda decides to forgive her parents for lying to her about being adopted.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Betty [about her outfit]: Did I over do it?
Justin: No no, all black is.. Aunt Betty.. you look almost fashionable
Betty: Justin, are you crying?
Justin: No, I'm just proud

Marc: I did not sign up for this baby business.. cashmere diapers is she kidding?
Amanda: Aww, I love shopping at baby stores
Marc: You do?
Amanda: I like to sit in the tiny baby furniture and pretend I'm a giant.. the children cry, it's so much fun