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The episode begins with Betty talking to her neighbor about the worst week she’s ever had.
So the flash back starts with a new assignment that Wilhelmina personally gave to Betty.  She wants Betty to write about a pair of shoes. 

Betty had a bright idea to turn it around into a moving assignment, but obviously Wilhelmina is furious with Betty and threatens to take away all her assignments.

Not wanting to loose her job, Betty goes back to Wilhelmina to apologize. Wilhelmina uses this as a way to get Betty to really pay her dues. She has Betty do all sorts of terrible things that land her with a sprained ankle, rashes from head to toe, and an afro like none other.

During dinner that night, Betty’s family and boyfriend give her the bright idea to start a blog. She happily agrees!

The next day with Matt’s help she sets up an interview and photo shoot at her old apartment. Everything is running smoothly until her landlord bangs on the door demanding the two months of non payment.  Furious with Amanda for not telling her she moved out and stopped paying rent, Betty insists she conjures up the money from someplace.

Something in Betty’s blog triggered a spark of passion in Matt that had lain dormant. He is so ardent about helping people and excited to finally be able to do something important in his life. He tells her that he has signed up to go on an extended trip to Africa. Not sure how to handle this information, Betty leaves.

That night, they meet up and Matt tells Betty that he loves her and that it was just a whim and he could find something locally to be passionate about. Betty knows that what needs to happen is to say good-bye. She sends him on his way.

Meanwhile, Connor is pushing Wilhelmina away and it is driving her crazy. She really loves him and wants to show him how committed she is to their relationship.  So her great idea is to basically demand that they are getting married. He happily accepts.

The next day, when Wilhelmina gets to the prison with Marc in tow, she finds out that Connor has been moved and he did it personally. Infuriated and hurt by his actions, Wilhelmina has no choice but to leave and move on.

Marc has been bouncing back and forth between assisting Wilhelmina and Daniel. Daniel believes that Marc is trying to sabotage their work relationship to get back to being just Wilhelmina’s fulltime assistant. When he confronts Marc, Marc shows him that all his crazy antics have actually helped Daniel not only loose weight, but get on the cover of three papers. Daniel realizes that Marc may be his best assistant after all.

Wrapping up the episode, a pregnant and very hormonal Hilda lashes out at Bobby for making a mess.  He decides to put together a “Hilda Week” for her and get her to do some very relaxing and fun things to help distress her.  On their way to an Ace of Base concert, Hilda gets a call from a sick Justin. Not wanting both of them to miss the concert, she insists that Bobby stay and enjoy himself.

When she gets back home, Bobby is already there taking care of Justin and tells her to go take a bath and relax because it is still her week.  Hilda realizes that he is there for her in a way no man has ever been before. This really shows her that Bobby can be, and is, the man she needs and can count on.

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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Daniel, I need Marc and you're just going to have to deal with it.


Betty Suarez keeping the dream alive for hookers with hammer toe!


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