Betty is alone at home watching the nightly news. On it, there is a woman that was found dead in her apartment wearing the exact same slippers that she has.  Realizing that she does not know any of her neighbors, she decides to throw a neighborly karaoke party at her house.

As she is posting flyers up, a couple knocks on the door. They tell Betty that they just moved in and she invites them to the party.

Later on that day, Betty is coming back to her apartment when the police and all her neighbors are downstairs. She finds out that the people she let in were the robbers. Everyone in her building hates her for this, especially Marc, who had his laptop stolen.

Marc’s laptop was so important to him because it had his admission files for the senior editing position he wanted to apply for. Betty feels terrible about it, so she offers her help to reapply.  Marc has no other options, but to accept.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Wilhelmina are constantly fighting over Marc. Amanda takes it into her hands to set up a surprise couples counseling meeting.

The counselor gets them to sit down by telling them that the first person to leave the room tends to be the weaker person. Some time passes and Wilhelmina gets up to leave. The counselor tells Daniel that there is sexual tension. That Wilhelmina’s body language is clearly telling Daniel that she’s interested.

Unsure what to believe Daniel and Wilhelmina leave at the same time. In the elevator, Daniel is questioning to himself if the Doctor has a point when the power goes out.  Daniel tries to defuse the sexual situation by kissing Wilhelmina.  Obviously not interested, Wilhelmina punches Daniel in the face.

The blackout hits the entire city.  Everyone at Betty’s karaoke party begins to leave. Marc is on his way to deliver his application to Mode when he realizes that he is stuck inside the building. Betty’s electronic door has locked them inside.
Meanwhile, at Ignacio’s house, Bobby tries to come inside to check on Hilda and Justin. Ignacio believes him to be an intruder so he beats him up with a pan. They finally have time to get into it and Ignacio realizes that he truly loves his daughter.

With Bobby’s help, Betty is able to pick the lock. Marc and Betty dash to Mode to find it dark. Marc blows up on Betty and Betty retaliates. She tells him to think happy thoughts. Which works! They get upstairs to his desk and he has a note from Wilhelmina to order flowers and champagne for the new creative hire.

Feeling defeated, Marc tells Betty it is over. Back at work the next day, Marc brings in the bottle of champagne and flowers into Wilhelmina’s office. She tells him that it is for him – he is the new Junior Editor! Marc goes to see Betty that night to thank her in his own Marc way – watching T.V. talking trash about the ugly clothes people wear.

The saddest part of this week’s episode was when the Suarez family (and Bobby) head to the Dr.’s office for the ultrasound. They find out that the baby has no heart beat. Back at home, Hilda is in tears. Bobby tells her with or without the baby, they are still a family and he’s here to stay.

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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

What are you two a bunch of queens? Well, I'm the king around here, don't you forget it.


Betty's voice brought darkness to the land.